Era, era on the wall: the 9-part series

We’ve recently been treated to Jeff Dowsing’s research and commentary in looking back over VFL/ AFL history. Here is the collected work:

Which is the greatest era of all?
Part 1: Introduction and 1925-1938; Well oiled machines
Part 2: 1939-1948; A war of attrition
Part 3: 1949-1959; Safe at home, and away
Part 4: 1960-1966; A popular routine
Part 5: 1967-1976; Rocking the suburbs
Part 6: 1977-1986: Castles made of sand
Part 7: 1987-1999; Growing pains and gains
Part 8: 2000-2010; Lost in transmission
Part 9: 2011 – present; Whatever it takes


  1. Absolutely mighty effort, JD. Loved it.

    On a par with John Butler’s wrap of the year 1912. And that is high praise, indeed.

  2. Reading this series, combined with Fox Footy’s History Months on the pay telly has been a great trip down memory lane.

    A power of work from JD here.

    *sigh* I’ll always have 84, 85 93 and 2000…

  3. Cowshedend says

    Extremely thankful to Jeff for such a brilliant series, awaited each instalment with bated breath.
    Steve I wouldn’t be so self indulgent as to refer to the best era, as that which befits my clubs success….although Footscray did have a Halcyon………..week in the 50’s

  4. Yes, a superb effort JD.
    Deserves a big audience.

  5. JD,
    Read it all, every word, and loved it.
    I caught the tail end of the seventies, embraced the eighties then moved to Brisbane.
    I’ve seen football from afar for almost 30-years.
    Bad as it seems, it still sucks me in.
    I’m an AFL and club member.
    I can’t get around on the weekend without the game on the radio.
    And each year I try my luck in getting a grand final ticket.
    I’ve never given up hope, for my team to win a premiership.
    That’s what drives football fans forward.
    Those that give up on it, well, I feel sorry for them.
    Thanks for a brilliant analysis.

  6. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Thanks again JD for this wonderful series. I’m sure it will be read for many years to come. Outstanding effort in putting this together. Congrats and kudos.

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