Emotion towards All Blacks

Sorry Aussies. I admit I am happy to see All Blacks won the Rugby World Cup final as a former expat in New Zealand. Please forgive me.

Even I have seen so many positive news on social media, I feel less emotion on the win.

What is not enough? Not watching the game live. That is it.

Regrets and guiltiness come in my mind on Sunday night. Why did not watch the game even if I am a big All Blacks fan (once I admit I love All Blacks much more than Japanese counterparts)?

Work is important but I should have booked a day off for 1st November (normally I have Sunday’s off but been asked to work because of two staff members’ absences) to allow me to watch the big rugby. I am worried of being allowed to cover other staff’s absent and to do more tasks even if I need more time for myself.

Another thought comes up. Being single is not good for these circumstances. If I have a girlfriend, I would have excuses to refuse the request to work for certain days when I am supposed to have days off.

On Sunday morning, I visited the All Blacks website to watch the highlights. But the video lasted only less than two minutes, I did not feel I could be together with Kiwis.

As a contributor for the Almanac, I should get involved in my favourite sports more. I wish I could write the full match report rather than expressing my emotion.

Win is positive for me but…

I realise I need a place where I can focus on what I want more rather than all-round tasks including boring administration works and hatred cleaning that non English speaking person can do. Also I should be respected more. In other words, I need a balanced life.

I wish I could apologise the team and the Prime Minister John Key for not watching the game.

Other sport news from me are:

Sad news is Ahmed Saad has been delisted by St Kilda. Last year I wrote a poem for him welcoming back to the club. But he had less chance to play senior games this year and then…

On the other hand, I am happy with St Kilda’s 2016 fixture. We will play Carlton, Melbourne and the Bulldogs twice. Nick Riewoldt will celebrate his 300th game at Round 2 against the Doggies which is also the MRV match. Indeed I hope to get to stadium either Docklands or MCG to watch a St Kilda game.

Test cricket will be played on Thursday in Brisbane. How exciting it is! But I have to admit I will check the score occasionally due to work.

I am afraid to say that I will not be able to watch tomorrow’s Melbourne Victory vs Wellington Phoenix game because of work. But I hope to watch the Nix’s following game against Central Coast Mariners next Sunday.

Thanks for reading my emotion on sports. Have a good week and enjoy your sport moments!!

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  1. “Sorry Aussies. I admit I am happy to see All Blacks won the Rugby World Cup final…”

    Nothing to be sorry about Yoshi. You show excellent taste. :-)

    Peter from Auckland.

    PS: You did miss what I reckon would be the most watchable of all the RWC finals. Two high-quality opponents, and a match with great tries, fast-moving play, and even the chance of a comeback (snuffed out only by an out-of-the-ordinary 45m drop goal.
    From an All Black point of view, it was one of those rare occasions in a final when every player came right on the day, and even played above themselves.
    Yet you could see, when Pocock tried to chase Barrett to stop that last try, just how much the whole tournament had taken out of Australian legs.

  2. Jill Scanlon says

    Hey guys – I was sitting on my couch in Melbourne at 3 in the morning with my ‘Wally’ mascot and my Wallabies rugby shirt and, while I obviously would have loved a win, I have no problem with the All Blacks taking the title.
    If we hadn’t been their opponents then I would’ve been cheering for them.
    They are a remarkable team and just this morning took out the Team of the Year award for the 6th straight year along with MOST of the other player awards at the annual World Rugby Awards night.

    Luckily Michael Cheika crashed their party by taking the Coach of the Year award and showing that the Wallabies are now on the right track!

    If we’re going to get beaten and have to learn from it then I’d rather it was by the best!


  3. Yoshi, it is never easy to be on the wrong end of a game such as the World Cup final. (particularly when one watches it at 300 in the morning and has to be silent) For All Black supporters it is appropriate to be magnanimous, the Wallabies fought back and never gave up. But the sense of disappointment for the loser is not assuaged by recognition of that effort and commitment. Nor by Sonny Bill’s wonderful gesture in giving his medal to a pitch invader. Comments about the refereeing will always have a touch of sour grapes and the reality is both sides can complain. For me the highlight was David Pocock’s try off the rolling maul. A year ago no one would have believed the Wallabies capable of such a feat. It was a great game of Rugby. Japan played very well and I look forward to their improvement. The victory against South Africa was the dream result of the tournament.

  4. Cheika did a great job with the Wallabies and deserved the CotY prize, If he’d had them one more year, it would have been an even more interesting (and nailbiting) final.

  5. Peter, you are right Michael Cheika and Mario Ledesma have transformed the scrum.
    For me the Pocock try was a vision of what could have been.
    As Ben Chifley once said “There is no use crying over spilt milk. All you can do is round up Bessie and milk her again”.

  6. Hi Peter, Jill and Mulcaster,

    Thanks for all your comments.

    Even I watched very brief highlights on the All Blacks website, they played well with great conditions as my perception. Kicked the ball for plenty of space and grabbed again to score a try, etc. Dan Carter scored a penalty kick. It is sad that it was the last international game for Carter.

    And as you guys commented, Pocock’s try off is the highlight too.

    Peter, thanks for your warm words encouraging me not to worry about showing my happiness for the All Blacks win.

    Enjoy the Melbourne Cup Day, folks!



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