Eddie Betts’s shorts the highlight

By Rod Oaten

As far as I’m concerned the highlight of the game was the size of Eddie Bett’s shorts. I used to blame the Brotherhood for not finding him a better size, but I recently read an article on John Nicholls and I reckon Eddie  found a pair made for him all those years ago and called them his.  For those who can’t remember John, he was a mountain of a man. In the old terms he was about six foot four , roughly sixteen stone, had legs like tree trunks and very very scarey to opposing players.  No wonder Eddie who would have to be  about one third the size of Nicholls,  bags them as his own.
The game remains a mystery to me, Essendon were competitive for the first fifteen minutes. At that moment of time, even though Carlton had an advantage on the scoreboard, I thought the Dons were on top, but from then on it was close the door, pack up, and for the Essendon Football Club, go home. There was a bit of rumbling at the start of the quarter time break and I thought the points were even on that score but after that nothing. It’s hard to imagine that this  team some seven weeks ago was being touted as a top four side, by the so called experts,  Even I was trying to keep a cap on it, I mean we had just won a number of games on the trot and were looking good.
And then  it was  the” Ides of July”.   The Dons copped a hell of a lot of soft tissue injuries,  we played in the “paler shade of grey” jumper, and  we lost  games and confidence. And now it’s mid August and we have dropped out of the top eight. The only win we have had in recent weeks was against poor old Port Adelaide, hardly morale boosting.
The Carlton Football Club had winners all over the ground, there skills both by foot and hand made the Dons look fourth rate,  their attack on the ball was tougher, stronger and more ferocious.  It was embarrassing watching the fumbling Dons.  On the odd occasion Essendon had the footy they managed to pass it straight back to the Blues with precise accuracy. I have no positive suggestions for Sir James, Bomber and the team of coaches at Windy Hill this week, but I continue to  live in hope.
But my day of sport was not over. The Carlton Four, well at least two of them, Michael and Lib had arranged to meet with me at The Royal after the game. I got there a little earlier and watched with amazement horse racing at Caulfield, Doomben, Rosehill,  Marrackville and Broome,  trots at some country track  in New South Wales and Dapto dogs,  all  on a bank of TV’s watched by an involved  group of punters, and I couldn’t name one of the horses or dogs.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           The Carlton Two arrived  and were gracious about their victory, I wouldn’t say they felt sorry for me, but if the shoe was on the other foot, I probably would have been the same. The loser, me, bought the beers.
Best  Players,  Carlton the whole team, it would be unfair to pick out individual players they were all so good, ninety six points too good.
Essendon   Bellchambers, maybe Watson, Hooker and Dyson.
Scores              Carlton        24.12 156
Essendon    8.12    60

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