E-Magazine: Title? (Here’s the long list)

All suggested titles made the long list.

Give us your 3,2,1 votes.

[This may or may not be a democratic process – but it’s fun to see how the votes go]


“The Geebung Polo Club”


The Monthly Dump or The Monthly Ablusion

“The Vasco” as in Vasco Da Gama

“The loaded dog’

Overs & unders – “think it over, think it under” A.A.Milne, sporting flavour
Waltzing Almanac – Banjo, etc etc
Pull up a pew – Australian, story-telling
Ahh, look – I’m told by internationals that this is a particularly Australian way to start a sentence or thought.
Bunyip – just love the whole idea of a Bunyip. Vasco the Bunyip?


Caught Lillee Bowled Marsh

The Brasco

Deadspin = Straight Breaks? Wronguns?
Grantland = Fingletion’s or McGilvray’s (reminiscent of the US literary site McSweeney’s).
Made me wonder if there is an iconic Australian sporting journalist? Les Carlyon is probably my fave writer. OReilly’s? I loved the crusty old leggies writings in the SMH and he was a mentor to Peter Roebuck.
Gideon’s Bible?
In Harms Way?

The Yarn

– A good paddock
– Joe Blow’s
– Purlieu

Butcher’s Hook –

Cut Snake – a suggestion of the mad/inspired writing the mag will attract.

There’s a Fight in the Forward Pocket!

Innocent Monsters from Bruce Dawe’s Life Cycle.

Three Votes.

Cuckoo’s Nest!
‘In Harms Way’ made me smile.

Brendan Maguire is Playing Quite Well

Leaps and Bounds

The Holy Grail

Watto’s on leave,
Access all areas,
Infatuated with sport,
The dream,
What is an aussie,
Our bible,
The old boys’ network,
The life of our times,
The dreams of many,
Only a few of us left,
The day the writing started,
The wonder of it all,
This is our land/game/sport/fun/enjoyment,
One week/day at a time,
It’s special,




The Last Line
The Back Half
Ball Poppies (from ‘Tall Poppies’ obviously)
Breaking Stride
Mob Standard (from ‘Bog Standard’)
Shoot Through


From the Penthouse to the Outhouse?


Heroes and Clods



Alma Matters

Nic Nacs

Won, drawn & slaughtered

Write Line Fever

Hard Yards
Galah Session
Home and Hosed
The Burl
Bagman’s Gazette
What’s Your Game?

HIT THE BOUNDARY! ( reference from the 1966 GF commentary and a cricket association )

Sparks flying- these above are good.
The Ludwig. Along Dips’ exploration line, but with an inland Australia leaning.
The middle. ‘Who’s playing in the middle this time?’
All clear.
The Keith Miller
The Buzz

The Sentimental Stroke
The Sentimental Push

Sentimental Journey?
Sentimental Friend?

“The Wag” (or just Wag )

  1. Outer Minutes
    General Admission
    Blood on the Scarf
    The Knacker-E
    The Contributors
    All Rounders
    The Barrackers
    Barrackers Post
    The Followers
    Perceptive Followers
    League of Scribes
    Sporting Types
    Final Word /s



“The One Eyed Barracker”

“The Gift Of The Gab”
Put down your glasses
If you want blood
The Ramble, and that would suit.




RHG – Red Hot Go
The Other Side Of The Fence.

BALZAC The French novelist and playwright who influenced many other writers including Dickens. Influencing and encouraging writers has been a primary aim of the Almanac.
Could be spelt differently such as ‘ BALL-ZAC ‘ as long as it has the ‘ball ‘ sound somewhere.


“Gidday Today”
“C’arn the Yarns”




  1. what a choice, got a couple of extras sorry for that but not dissembling

    suggest no 1 up the (not down the) guts
    2 cut snake
    additional ones to consider
    3 (as flash as a) runover rat
    4. I said to them I said
    5. frontal lobotomy
    6. the torp
    7. the droppie
    8. worm burner
    9. the dyer

    the title needs to capture the allegorical, aphorisms, detailed and microscopic history of local footy as repository of the depth and strength of footy, the poetic and sublime offerings (eg matthilde’s musings, the irreverent,.

    hard call. what would barrasi or jack dyer call it.


  2. sorry its early but I meant flat out flash as a runover rat.


  3. Kate Birrell says


  4. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    ‘Blind Turn’?
    So many possible connotations in that one.

  5. 1. Write Line fever
    2. The Yarn
    3. Fingletons
    4. Yabba
    5. Sporting Types
    6. Hit the Boundary

    Late suggestion, the Almanac tagline currently – Write from the Heart


  6. Russell Griggs says

    A very later stater, but what about ‘Sporting Talk’?

    The mainstream media has cornered the market in talking about sport (metres gained, hard ball gets, personal best etc), but it seems to me that for the denizens of the Almanac, the sport is in the talking (or writing) about something they care deeply about but in the context of their own lives.

  7. 3 Write Stuff from the outer

    2 Write Line Fever

    1 Alma Matters

  8. Just read the earlier comments:

    change of votes:

    3 Write from the Heart

  9. Bob Speechley says

    I didn’t enter early on but if I was asked for a simple all embracing title I would go for:


    Simple and all bases covered IMHO!

    Happy hunting.

  10. Write Line Fever
    Leaps and Bounds
    Blind Turn

    Can’t believe there are no votes for “The Vasco” !!

  11. ned_wilson says

    I’m a fan of Leaps and Bounds.

    Also like the H Lawson link of Loaded Dog or Heroes and Clods

  12. Neil Anderson says

    Just leaving the vacuuming for a minute (like drying dishes, that’s when all the ideas come…
    The Loaded Pen
    Have a go ya mug!
    Through the big sticks.
    Writing out of bounds. ( has a touch of the underground and illegal about it.)

  13. 3. “Ahhh, Look”. The one that leapt out at me.

    2. I do like the Loaded Dog, but if we’re doing Lawson maybe “The Glass on the Bar”?

    1. Write Line Fever

    1. Blind Turn

    1. Knackered

  14. 3. The Vasco

    2. The Loaded Dog

    1. Leaps and Bounds

  15. I am almost totally in sync with Dips;

    3. Write Line Fever
    2. Blind Turn
    1. Leaps and Bounds

  16. Neil Anderson says

    JTH, you’ll have to make a decision or we’ll just keep going…
    Kickin’ it long to Snake.
    Writin’ without all the finessin’.

  17. Neil

    Long Bombs to Snake could just about make the decision for us.

    Absolutely brilliant.

    For those who don’t know Barassi’s white board pre-77 Grand Final is full of instruction and inspiration, strategy and tactic and so on. Then from memory (Swish will find the photo), there is a squiggly line and underneath it LONG BOMBS TO SNAKE

    In other words, when all else fails, and we can’t do what we hoped to do, or what we should have done LBTS – Gideon and I used to sign letters to each other thus – back in the day when we still wrote letters (Goodness, Gideon, that long ago).

    But before anything is decided I’ll find something and make another comment.

  18. John Kingsmill says

    Leaps and Bounds does it for me.

  19. I note the reference to Heroes and Clods in the list which is a Henry Lawson line:

    In the land where sport is sacred, where the lab’rer is a god,
    You must pander to the people, make a hero of a clod!

    it comes from ‘A Song of Southern Writers’ which itself may be a good title for the e-mag.

    I really like Heroes and Clods as an e-title. Thoughts?

    ‘Southern’ is in the sense of antipodean, not Vic/SA et al

    Here’s the whole poem: http://www.ironbarkresources.com/henrylawson/SongOfSouthernWriters.html

  20. Emma Westwood says

    Coming off the back of my last article for The Almanac, I have to say ‘Heroes and Clods’ is my favourite. The comments have made me feel like a hero but the subject of the article is proof I’m actually a clod.

  21. Neil Anderson says

    Under the Southern Cross we write. ( covers all States and Territories )
    Is Henry Lawson saying that we are quick to say our sports heroes get all the attention and not the writers and artists? Almanackers at least need to acknowledge sport and the arts equally.
    Just went to ask my poet wife about Henry’s poem but her eyes were still glazed over from when I tried to explain what ‘Long Bombs To Snake’ was all about.

  22. I retract any votes I might previously have cast.


  23. Colin Ritchie says

    1:”Illywhacker” : rather than Illywhackered
    2: I do like “The Vasco”
    3. Knackered;

    and I’ll throw in a late one: “The Leunig” as in Michael Leunig.

  24. Alma Matters
    Write Line Fever
    Access All Areas

  25. Andrew Gaylard says

    3. Leaps and Bounds

    2. RHG – Red Hot Go
    1. Heroes and Clods

  26. 3. Write Line Fever (Could just stick with the original White Line Fever)
    2. Leaps & Bounds
    1. Write From The Heart

  27. matt watson says

    3 – Long bombs to Snake
    2 – In Harms Way
    1 – Leaps and bounds

    Long bombs to Snake is so damn perfect.
    And he did kick six of North’s nine goals in the drawn grand final, including three in the last quarter.
    He also kicked three in the replay.

    Long bombs to Snake!!!

  28. Steve Hodder says

    just gotta be The Sentimental Stroke! 3,2&1. Or at least something literary.

  29. Mark Duffett says

    late to this, but how about simply

    The Posts
    Connotations abound!

  30. Steve Fahey says

    3 In Harms Way
    2 Yabba
    1 Long bombs to Snake

  31. From the list

    The Last Line
    Alma Matters
    Write Line Fever

    Another suggestion

    Leather Poisoning

  32. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Write line fever
    All sports matter
    The last line

  33. No Lanyard Required
    General Admission
    Sporting Types
    Write Line Fever

  34. Seems to me Write Line Fever is a runaway winner.

    I was going to hold you to ransom JTH as I’ve renamed my own blog as such.

    Then I did a Google search and found that an Almanac sports writing forum 3 years ago used the name. Great minds eh?

    I don’t mind Long Bombs to Snake but imo it’s a bit obscure for a footy mag title in 2015.

    Knackered & Alma Matters also seem rather popular. ..

  35. Of the available nominations:

    3 – Heroes and Clods

    2 – Illywhackered

    1 – From the Penthouse to the Outhouse.

  36. Andy Buchanan says

    LBTS is a cracker. ‘The Semaphore’ perhaps, its an electronic notice board.

  37. Neil Anderson says

    Long Bombs To Snake! Is irreverent and captures the Aussie Rules vernacular.
    There could possibly be a sub-text ( for those who came in late a.k.a young people) such as ‘ Sport’s writing when all else fails’ .
    The only other simple one I thought of was, ‘ BOUNDARY WRITER ‘ .

  38. Northerly says

    I know that I’m coming in long after the final siren, but what about
    SIMPLY E-RESISTIBLE (with apologies to Robert Palmer).

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