Doco: the 1971 Grand Final.

Channel 9 (Sunday, Sep 4, 12 noon) is showing the first in the series of documentaries on Grand Finals – 1971. I have it on good authority that it is pretty well done.

Interested to know where you were to watch that Grand Final, or whether you have seen it since. Impressions?


  1. Jared Newton says

    Why couldn’t they start at 1970? Now there’s a Grand Final worth discussing!

  2. John Butler says

    Eddie’s influence no doubt.

  3. Ahh 1971, was a cloudy day with speckles of rain to my recollection. We were on a family outing to the show that day.

  4. I was actually at a friend’s wedding. The reception was conducted at a private house, which was just as well because by 4.00 p.m. there must have been at least twenty of us in one corner of the lounge room clustered around a radio listening to the Grand Final. The bride was a dear friend of mine who I liked very much. Collingwood finished fourth that year and lost the first semi final. God knows what I would have done if they had been a little better that year and had made the Grand Final. People shouldn’t get married in Melbourne on the last Saturday of September.

  5. had to work so couldn’t watch. 1971 gf doco. will it appear on fixplay?

  6. Stephanie Holt says

    Looking forward to the doco – the footage of Jeans and Kennedy reminiscing that was aired on Jeans’s death was apparently taken from this, and included some terrific moments.

    As for the day. I was just turned 10, and abiding image in my memory is of pacing up and down our scoria-covered driveway out in the ‘burbs with a tranny clutched to my ear, disbelieving at the end. And then my parents having to console me. Of course we figured we’d get another chance the next year, or the year after …

  7. G’day Steph, I saw the doco. It was engaging. But it was very much a footy doco, from inside the footy bubble. I reckon it lacked breadth and depth. (It got caught up in the violent nature of the match, and Huddo’s misses) There was no hint of Ken Burns in it. But the world is certainly better for having the doco. I enjoyed it.

    I cannot remember where I was on that day. It would have been in Shepparton and we would have listened to it/watched it. But I can’t remember. I suspect our family was barracking for the Saints. Dad never liked Hawthorn.

    How is Boston? How are you watching this week’s match Sydney town.

  8. I was there playing in the band. This was a combined Sthn Military Band and the Armoured Corp Band. Iwas diong my National Service and this was a real bonus. I would love the see any footage of the day.

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