Des and Owen talk football

Exterior, backyard verandah, sun is setting.


G’day Des.


G’day Owen, how’s Bet?


She’s good. Better than Brad Scott.


Yeah. Bloody hell. He’s a dickhead. Bloody Dockers kicked 21 goals.


Yard’s looking good, Des.


I got this young bloke comes over every fortnight. He does a good job. How about Rance?


Damn shame, bloke’s a champion. You reckon Tigers are stuffed?


Maybe. You want a beer?


Yeah, thanks. Cheers mate. Bit embarrassing for West Coast, eh.


Ha, yes. Bit of a turnaround.


What was it?


Kicked six in the first, then Lions did fourteen to two.


Yep, that’s embarrassing. Got a smoke?


Sure, here ya go.


Cheers, mate. (lights up) What about Hawthorn?


Not bad. Crows aren’t much chop.


Tex is a bit of a dickhead.


Getting done in a Grand Final can do that. Look at Swans.


Longmire’s a goose. I watched that Pies Cats match.


How was it?


Not bad. Better than Saints and Gold Coast.




Yeah. Wipe the tapes of that one. How’s Cheryl going?


You haven’t heard? Did her ankle last week. Got best on ground but she’ll miss the grand final.


Damn shame, she’s a great player. Didn’t get your height, though.


That’s Noelene’s fault!


How is Noelene?


Won the senior women’s tennis tournament last week.


She’s a champion.

(inhalation, sips, exhalation)


How do you reckon your boys will go this week, Owen?


The Monaros? West Coast at home’s a tough one. Especially after last week. You give the Swans much chance?


Oh, I dunno. Depends. Crows seem sorta… dickheads.


At least you got rid of Hannebery.


Yeah, that’s a laugh! St Kilda are bloody clueless. Who’re ya tipping?


Ah, Richmond.


They got a big change with Rance out.


Yes. But I reckon they can do it. Bombers?


Ha, maybe Saints might do it for Richo!


That’d be good. Port, I’d put money on them.


Don’t tell Bet.


Oh yeah Des, crikey, drop two hundred on the nags, struth! Who would you bet on?


Well, the Wharfies.


You reckon that’s purple?


Ah, no. Not really. I was talking to Jeff, you know, that bloke that does printing? He reckons it is purple, but only just. I might put a few on Geelong. And Hawthorn.


Bloody Hawthorn.


Yeah. You want another beer?


Yes thanks.


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