Darren Lehmann quits

Well Almanackers, it will be a long time before the ball tampering issue goes away!


The fallout continues with Darren Lehmann announcing he will quit as coach after the Fourth Test has finished.


Leadership positions within the team need to be filled as soon as possible to enable the overhauling and rebuilding of faith in the team.


But who should lead the team at this time of turmoil?


Share your thoughts Almanackers!


  1. Peter Hille says

    I would go the Tassie Trio of Ponting , Paine and Bailey. Langer is a fruitcake whilst Ponting has matured. There is no one else in the current team who commands a place and who has leadership potential at the top level. Shield captaincy these days means nothing.
    The culture will not improve as long as they select self-centred brain fades like Warner and Maxwell. Lyon should be told to zip it and just bowl. Bailey will be as reliable as any of the current middle order and is a proven leader who would work well with Paine who keeps like a butler and doesn’t dribble on his helmet.

  2. Colin Ritchie says

    I hadn’t really thought Ponting as an option to coach the Test team but in reality there are not that many that readily come to mind. Maybe it’s time to make a clean break and appoint someone from overseas, someone who has not had any involvement with the team in recent times.
    Paine, I am impressed with, and I believe he will make an excellent captain. It will be imperative he has supportive people around him.

  3. Mo(i)ses (Henriques)

  4. Tubby, Slats and Heals will have their hand up for the job. Can’t see them calling Federer and Nadal.
    Ch9 giving cricket the flick and tennis the thumbs up yesterday will be 10X more significant in the long term future of Australian cricket than Sandpapergate.
    Don’t ask for whom the bell tolls……..

  5. Colin Ritchie says

    Like it Peter, “Sandpapergate”!

  6. Peter Clark says

    Coach – Justin Langer has the inside running but an outsider worth considering is Adam Gilchrist. He is a proven leader on and off the cricket field.
    Captain – Tim Paine could make a good skipper but keeping, making lower order runs and captaincy is a big ask. George Bailey is the man for the job in the interim.

  7. Punxsa-and-the-rest-of-it Pete says

    Bring back Bob Simpson. As captain and coach.

    There’s never been anything as affecting as Smith’s press conference yesterday. It was just absolutely heart wrenching. He motored up the road to redemption like a merc on an autobahn. I truly believe that he feels he has to earn forgiveness and that’s the only way to go about getting it.

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