Damian Callinan in The Merger

After earning a third nomination for the Melbourne Comedy Festival Barry Award, Callinan returns to the stage with the story of the struggling Bodgy Creek Roosters FC as they attempt to fend off an imminent merger by recruiting asylum seekers. Will the new recruits cope with pre-season training during Ramadan?

‘The Merger’ tells the tale of The Bodgy Creek Football Club who, struggling to field a team, seem doomed to fold or merge with their arch rivals – Hudson’s Flat. But prodigal son, coach Troy Carrington, has other ideas. To save the battling, rural club he embarks on a program to recruit Asylum Seekers.

After selling out seasons in Adelaide and Melbourne and featuring on the Comedy Festival Gala on Network Ten, Damian travelled the show throughout WA & Victoria in 2011. With the plight of asylum seekers as resonant as it was when the show was written, the show is once again on the road with upcoming seasons at the Melbourne Fringe festival Ovtober 9-13.

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  1. N eil Anderson says

    Love to know if Damian got the name Boggy Creek from the famous Boggy Creek down here in the Western District between Colac and Warrnambool. Home of Brownlow Medalist Paul Couch of course.
    Damian was great on Skithouse particularly in the sketches where he played Batman to Peter Hellier’s Robin. A real Australian pisspot Batman who was on the skids and at one stage ended up working at Bunnings.
    I tried writing a play using the same sort of character with even more degenerate mates such as Spiderman (Creepy) and Superman ( always winning the guess what colour Catwoman’s underwear was ) standing around the Barbie getting hammered.
    I sent the script off to a play competition in Adelaide and got a reply saying “We don’t think this would be suitable for our competition because the people with the Batman copyright would object to the idea of Batman and the other characters being so debauched thereby tarnishing their image.”
    So the City of Churches knocked me back. Oh well, I thought it was a good idea.

  2. N eil Anderson says

    That’ll teach me to read a bit more carefully. I see now it was Bodgy Creek and not Boggy Creek. Also Boggy Creek is about as far away from any Muslim population as you would ever see.
    I wasn’t wrong about Damian being a brilliant performer though and would thoroughly recommend him.

  3. Talk is some Knackers may head along on Saturday night. Would anyone be interested?

  4. John Harms says

    Yes, I am going. Anyone else interested please email me at [email protected] to get the group booking info.

  5. Andrew Fithall says

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