Cyclone Tracy Exhibition in Darwin


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My artistically unpredictable, but talented cousin Baz, and Beat Erismann, have finally staged a Cyclone Tracy exhibition in the old Qantas Hangar on Christmas Eve. Baz was living in the city at the time of the cyclone, and as a newspaper photographer, he seized the moment the  following morning.


Hope you enjoyed Xmas, all the very best in 2015, Go the Almanackers, and more of it next year!


Warmest tropical regards

Joc Ledwidge

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  1. Skip of Skipton says

    I was five years old and I got my first two-wheeled bike that Christmas.

    I remember the pictures in the paper and on the telly, and the whole hype of it; and thinking that because it had a name it was a living creature, and that it must go around the planet smashing towns to bits when it felt like it.

  2. Peter Flynn says

    Baz is one talented photographer Joc.

    I’ve found some of his post-Tracy photographs online.

    It’s amazing more people didn’t perish.

    A game changer for Darwin.

  3. Paddy O'Peace says

    Thxs Joc & Congrats to Baz & Beat on their top project at the old
    Qantas hangar, Parap.
    Tracy was a defining moment in Darwin’s & Australia’s History.
    Will catch it on my next trip to Paradise aka the Top End & a Coopers
    Original Pale Ale at Dinah Beach.
    Enjoy the Wet & Go Tahs.

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