‘Crops, People, Money & You’: a new book by Kate Burke




Kate Burke loves life, and footy, and golf, and people and farming and lots of other stuff.


She has a great memory for stories, and for the characters she has met. She also has some great ideas about life and farming, and she has tapped into stories that she has been told along the way, and ideas to which she’s been introduced over the years. So, when it comes to outlining her understanding of farming, she draws on scholarship and anecdote and story-telling to produce on the art of excellent farming. This is no dry text; it is an engaging, funny which conveys the key elements clearly and authoritatively.


She says:


“The world is a bit crazy right now, but despite uncertainty and a volatile climate, there is a way to farm that generates profit, builds a legacy and involves less stress. The Art of Excellent Farming starts with making first-rate choices about yourself so that you can make the best decisions about crops, people and money. Your personal power is the key – and it‘s far stronger than unpredictable weather or markets.”



Read more about Kate’s book (and order copies) HERE.


  1. Congratulations on the book, Kate.

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