Crio’s Racing: The mecca of TV sport awaits

Tom has, not unreasonably, questioned whether this might well be the best weekend ever of TV Sport in our household. The Open Golf, Lord’s for The Ashes, Le Tour finale, Man U in Sydney, Socceroos in Asia, AFL, NRL, even Rugby Union – but, quite rightly, the horses never got a mention.
We’ll have to wait our turn. As cited in last week’s post, the Monash is a false dawn and, though the trackwatchers can sniff a change of season, we are not yet ready to push the hype button regarding Saturday’s fields.
The forecast, too, is terrible for Flemington, though the track will easily cope with any adverse conditions as it has been a mild week (making today’s abandonment late in the Werribee meeting even more disappointing!). If the big rains do arrive, form will need to be radically adjusted – hence, as usual, treat these numbers as nothing other than a springboard for discussion.
MR5- 6,10
MR6- 9,10,16
MR7- 4. Include 1 if some give.
MR8- 2,7,11
Mind you, our strike rate is solid at the moment with Oges finding the key Adelaide get out at juicy odds last week and Jock, of course, never dying wondering! Morphettvile might well be the hotspot for us at the moment.
Logically, couch sportsmen will be distracted by the wealth of options this weekend but, as always, I’ll keep an eye out for any advice. And, while you are glancing at race guides amongst the diversions, here are a couple of names that have brought a smile to my crusty countenance last week – please check the breeding of Balaklava winner Tudor Armov and also of the friskily named Tame That Possum!
And, for “nostalgics” like myself, see that MR4 has been named after Coolalinga, the catchily named sprinter who featured amongst a string of quality Newmarket winners beginning with “C”!
Good luck!


  1. Its been too windy to venture to the beach and as a consequence I cant get the tips straight from the horses mouth
    However both David Jolly and Dennis Oleary are not without chances on Sat (we have not had as much rain as expected here)
    OLearys Bouncing Beverly is a good type and he has high hopes for her (he has Adoptme Two engaged later- first up from a spell but I will wait and watch it )
    David Jolly had a double at Balak this week and has some good e/w chances Sat so I will follow and see what happens
    (An interesting runner in R2 is Flask owned by the Haighs (Chocolate fame ) in colours of Chocolate and white spots)
    As an aside Glen it was an interesting discussion on footballers and the Vietnam War
    (though I did have to play Policeman Budges role and get people to check their facts )

  2. Oges, take a hit for the team and stalk the beach- Jolly trains the likely fav in the 3rd leg of the Melbourne Quaddy, Aregee McLaren!
    After the warmest July day in 40 yrs (Thursday) with howling northerlies, the rain has just arrived in torrents. Flemington will comfortably cope with what is forecast but suffers when it pours on raceday with the added wear and tear on the surface.

  3. Crio,

    spot on.
    Oges is hot and it’s only a light 60K zephyr.

  4. Jock- I dont study them like you and rely on the locals for information
    All I will add is if Jolly is off to Melbourne its ready (and Jock like us he appreciates a good red)

  5. I reckon Rose Of Texas might be a quick, improving type. Despite the gate I am putting her (MR5, No15) in exotics.

  6. Oges,
    I think your tips are in front of my study recently. Re the red wine, one of the guys at work was trying to convince me to try converting some of my “BBQ red” into mulled wine and given the forecast and only the requirements being a vanilla pod, brown sugar and oranges, I’ll be giving it a go tomorrow. So I could do anything in the last few races.

    I have had a good look at Morphettville and judging by my drive home from the Holdy tonight ( water all across Brighton road) and the semi flooded state of the backyard, it will be a day for true wet trackers. Taking this into account I think the following
    Only chances in race 3 are Endless Shadow and Halayr Jet who beat it last time and is still much better odds.
    Race 4 Halo Miss Maher is a nob in the wet. Looking through its form it either draws off the track or on the fence on wet tracks so I think it will be great odds ( now 16’s should be 6’s) but agree Bouncing Beverley looks very smart
    The next really strong wet tracker is Come Around Sundown in the 7th.

    I doubt I’ll get too far into other states tonight as my attention is going to be quite divided between the Open and Cricket, maybe also occasionally the Blues…hope they’re within a few goals at 3/4 time.

  7. Thanks Jock. I’ll try to remember to have something on those swimmers.
    It has poured here for the last 3 hrs and looks to be settling in – ordinary day in that dreadful HQ betting ring but, I guess, better than an office job.
    Just saw Mic Rees’ reference to Mulva passing away this week – another from the legendary Easom stable and a scary reminder of the passage of time.
    Great TV night – trying to glance at Winning Post whilst Tommy wields the remote.

  8. re Easom team,

    I have seen Robert Dale not that long ago …maybe not travelling that well but at least still going and I’m sure that Nugget is indestructible.

  9. Saw Nuggett at Darwin Cup last year I reckon.
    Good luck on the punt tomorrow.

  10. I weighed in on yours today Jock – hope you fared better!
    Did anyone have a look at those horse names/breeding I referenced? Very funny.

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