Crio’s Racing: The Golden Slipper (a day of dilemmas)

The Golden Slipper has been a huge success story for the STC and the breeding industry. As Randwick’s Carnival sometimes floundered and staying bloodlines lost favour, the Slipper surged to the forefront of Sydney racing. Some worry whether it might become collateral damage to the upcoming ATC “Championships” but I’d reckon the identity and glamour of the 2yo dash is entrenched enough to survive, indeed thrive. It is rich, brash and played for high stakes  – very Sydney. Great winners and great stories help its enduring appeal and I’m tipping the outstanding Earthquake to be remembered as one of the very best. It is just impossible to select another. She should be evens – as likely to win as not. Remarkably she got on the drift when drawing 13 – sure 5 to 10 are preferred but it should not be any excuse. Doomsayers cite 13 as a jinx barrier, having never provided a Slipper – what superstitious garbage (not to mention she’ll likely come in to 12). More alarming has been reports of her having to be treated with antibiotics and having some issues with temperature and her white blood cells. But Snowden wouldn’t run her if she was not right. She’s the winner.

It may not, though, be delusory rubbish to warn that my selection could bring about her downfall – empirical evidence is suggesting a disturbing link, validated by Speediness snatching defeat from the jaws of victory after the $29 had been secured in last Saturday’s feature, the George Ryder. That continued a disconcerting trend that is in to a second month of seconds!

So I’m treading on eggshells waiting for fate’s chocolate wheel to tip back my way.

Regardless of whether or not you elect to throw your hat in to the ring, Slipper Day demands attention and it has now grown in to a card littered with features. Here is a snippet of some of the day’s dilemmas:-

Like last week, the weather holds a key. The track is posted Slow7 today (Wednesday) and rain is around. Be wary.

SR1- 1400m, 2yo, G3 – interested in the toppy, Scratch Me Lucky. Emergency for the Slipper is a good line.

SR2- NEVILLE SELWOOD – 2000m, G3, SWP – Sydney Cup prospects on parade. Watch.

SR3- SEBRING – 1200m, G3, Quality – Good race. Spirit of Boom looks suited but there are plenty of chances. Bull Point is an interesting Acceptor – what’s happened there?

SR4- EMANCIPATION  – 1500m, F+M, SW+P – Catkins is flying and will be deep in the red.

SR5- TULLOCH – 2000m, G2, SW, C+G – top 3 look the likeliest.

SR6- 2400M, WFA, G1, $1.5m! – hmmm…Fiorente and Dundeel??? Silent Achiever? How do you make sense of last week? Maybe you try the 2 or the 3 E/W.

SR7- 2000m, 3yo fillies, SW, G1 – sticking with Solicit (1) at the odds. Suavito will be an Oaks filly.

SR8- SLIPPER – 1200m, 2yo, SW, $3.5m – Earthquake

SR9- 1500m, G3, Quality – smart handicappers in a Doncaster “prelude”. 2.

Great card but, as I mentioned, the track condition must be taken in to account before investing.

As usual there are races all around the country and thus winners to be found – if you can help, add a comment.

I’m back on the bag at Flemington this week in the unlikely event that anyone heads out there for a bet!

Good luck!


  1. I have looked at Sydney and its a puzzle especially the Slipper so I await pointers from the forum because for the first Saturday in ages I can watch the races and forget bowls.
    For Adelaide look to Jollys horses e/w but one of my favourite jock Dean Yendall is riding ther (mostly Weirs horses)
    It’s good to see the number of posts last week -I reckon it’s a big ask for Crio to write each week and keep us informed and encourage our participation

  2. Skip of Skipton says

    Suck a million dollars out of the Slipper’s purse to pump up the QE stake. Leave the Tancred alone. Or pump the extra mil into the Doncaster. The QE doesn’t need to be worth $4 mil. It is not, and will never be the Cox Plate. Make the Doncaster the big one. The “one mile” Melbourne Cup etc.

  3. Agree with you Skip …and that’s before I get on my cringe bandwagon of the big ticket item for Australia’s International racing being the Queen Elizabeth at Royal Randwick…

  4. Skip of Skipton says

    Yeah the ‘Royal’ Randwick wank they’ve gone on with for the last five or so years does grate. What, is Flemington not royal? Please…..

    I’d wager some royal or semi-royal or perhaps a German royal has been to Morphettville. Royal Allan Scott Park Morphettville.

    Eagle Farm becomes Regal Farm. Perth’s already covered with a course called Ascot.
    Although that could get a bit confusing.

  5. It is a really unfortunate situation – though I’m not pushing for the Les Patterson Plate! I suspect the breeders (who pretty much run Racing New South Messara) don’t mind anything which is appealing to the big Stud Farms?

  6. I have only just heard that Nathan Berry has passed away – talk about perspective!
    A wonderful young fella who didn’t deserve that….R.I.P.

  7. Skip of Skipton says

    Terrible news. He had some syndrome, yet his twin brother doesn’t. Such is life unfortunately.

  8. risking a Peter and the Wolf here after last week’s dramatic track upgrade in Sydney, but….. Weather Station is warning of big storms/flash flooding in Sydney so it is wise to either wait or, if bold, launch at the wet trackers. Might have to reconsider my Earthquake declaration.

  9. Skip of Skipton says

    There’s no Phelan Ready in this Slipper. Nothing giving me a vibe.

    Ghibellines, as I said, looked smooth in the Todman, but keep him for the Sires or Champagne.

  10. Cowshedend says

    Agree with both of you Crio and Skip, the slipper is so bloody Sydney, thought they had it right for a while there when we used to travel up for the San Miguel day,wonderful days racing with the Doncaster and the best Derby in the land highlighting a wonderful card.
    Both those great races have hardly raised a blip on the radar,yet a very underwhelming Slipper, has it’s tyres and prizemoney raised by the year, in the words of Les Carlyon ‘racing at times seems to be run by people who think a maiden plate, is a piece of unused crockery’.
    For what it’s worth like Kaypers in the last, in the very poor ‘doncaster prelude’
    Is Fiorente a forgive last run when stuck out on a limb?

  11. Having a try at Destiny’s Kiss in the last in Sydney in the hope it remains wet because it loves it. Also hopping on Hosting in the last at Flemington.

    To pick up an earlier thread, I reckon they should suck a million out of Sydney and give it to Balaklava races for next weeks maidens so a struggling owner gets a chance to get even.

    Go the bays. Round 1 tonight Vs Sturt at the Bay

  12. Do we give up on the year if Sturt wins Jock?
    Who are the coaches? I did hear that Nick Stevens is Bays coach so defence won;t be a high priority.

  13. Budge and Jock – what about the mighty Roosters? and dont tell me about the 73 Grand Final – and you too Crio for good measure

  14. Skip of Skipton says

    Should be a bog at Rosehill. Gerald Ryan’s filly no.16 (gate 16) is jumping out at me a bit. Maluckyday went well first up at Newcastle and is in the Neville Selwood.

  15. Oges,
    How about coming to Richmond Oval Easter Thursday night for Westies v North?

  16. I’ve been watching those old Slippers on TVN and its amazing how many winners just snuck up on the fence when everyone fanned. Oliver and Boss are on Price’s and I can see one (or both) employing those tactics. Just cos its wet doesnt necessarily mean the rails are off.

  17. Hey Oges – how about 1973?

  18. Crio- will be in the Grampians ready for the Stawell Gift and trying to keep dehydration at bay so wont be there
    Budge – even after 2 big glasses of Shiraz Im not ready to bite- just yet
    But I can tell you one of the most decent blokes in SA racing has to be David Jolly

  19. Maluckyday might be worth one more chance Skip.
    Jock, punters cast far and wide and prizemoney is irrelevant to the odds – Balak mail pls

  20. no more footy chat pls!!
    Enough misery at the races.
    Still kicking myself for not looking at MV fields last week. I’d been bullish first start re Bullpit after great Cranny trial It got lost, as they can, down the Flemington straight behind the outstanding Bring Me The Maid and I missed it last week saluting at $7.
    I’m bloody poison at the moment.
    My kiss-of-death roughie today is MR4 No 5 Melrose Place at about 20/1.

  21. cowshedend says

    Budge,did you write the script for the slipper? Take a bow

  22. Didn’t back the winner though…

  23. Skip of Skipton says

    Yeah I was on the fourth horse, Believe Yourself. If it stuck to the rail when cornering it just about wins.

    First seven runners over the line all fillies.

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