Crios Racing: The ‘Bool

Off to The ‘Bool for the celebrated May Races – I’ll be under the David McLachlan board on the Members’ side. Come up and say g’day and maybe organise a beer (I’m staying in Port Fairy).

Forecast is for freezing, wet weather – but nothing will dampen the enthusiasm surrounding “schoolies for the over 40s”.

Day 1 is a very ordinary card, starting with 3 divisions of the Maiden Hurdle.

Keen on Get Pronto on Thursday.

In other racing news, Rob Scott will be our correspondent at Stockholm’s ANZAC meeting this weekend – see the flyer…


  1. Old age is getting to me- what was the name of the horse running in the Cup ( his owner was at the pub ANZAC pm) ?
    Do you reckon you will have to sit down at some stage during the 3 days or will you just collapse at the end of the marathon ?

  2. Akzar

  3. Fair dinkum Heavy 12 down here!

  4. Cowshedend says

    Crio, reckon you’re a bigger chance of seeing the carnival out than Rick McIntosh, he was nearly cast after the first hurdle race… tough gig

  5. The first Hudle – that’d be the one where he hailed “Gai’s champion mare” in a division of a Maiden Hurdle.
    His Steeple call was cricgeworthy…but punters were just having a groan/chuckle out on the lawns/mud.
    Blue skies right now but very fluky.

  6. C.Down, breeding authority, strikes first blood with Mossale, by wet track ubersire Mossman

  7. Remarkable effort by staff to have the track racing so well today.
    Looking forward now to a big final day – bookies down 2-0 but double or nothing for Thursday.

  8. Another fantastic May Carnival – you can have all the others (that I’ve been to…Darwin, Flemington, Oakbank, MV), creditable in their own way, but this is my fav. Raining again now as we reflect on the highlights. Akzar was ridiculous – sit wherever it likes, make a run when ever and win by whatever!!! The Steeple, again, produced a stirring finish. What a week!

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