Crio’s Racing: Slim Christmas Pickings

Public Holidays were once lock-ins as big race days but, as evidenced again on Thursday, city clubs have conceded to modern trends with most not bothering to stage meetings of any significance, if indeed at all.
Qld and WA have no metrop fixture whilst Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide push on despite reduced profiles and dwindling crowds.
Boxing Day remains, however, a focus of many small clubs – for example, the Drouin picnics are an institution here in Victoria.
RNSW stage 11 meetings across their state with some resort towns pitching to the summer influx – though, unless the weather went foul I reckon the Pambula Cup might be a tough sell to a family starting a beach holiday!
Racing Queensland, as usual, has disparate options. Caloundra is warming up for the MMs in a couple of weeks, there’s a Cup Day at Calliope (near Gladstone) and 4 races for those visiting the Atherton Tablelands at the quaint, historic Mareeba track.
I’ll be at Caulfield. The main race (MR7, 1200m) is actually a good field and the support is not too bad. If, like in my youth, you sit around on Xmas afternoon dissecting the next day’s options, here are some early Quaddy considerations:-
MR5- 10 from 8
MR6- 4, 5
MR7- Excellent race. 3 and 5. Hope the toppy gets through.
MR8- 10

Acceptors for Money Valley on Saturday are released tomorrow (Tuesday). I’ll try to take a squizz at lunchtime, otherwise will again rely on others’ tips and goss – very likely plenty to be gathered either at the Heath on Thursday or at the MCG Friday.
Good luck!


  1. Crio,
    Xmas Handicap/Caulfield: Karacatis…finish the year on a good note. It will appreciate the turn and win, got lost down the straight
    Summer Cup/Sydney: Sysmo if it’s not 3 or 4 deep the journey like last time….another good thing
    If good things come in 3’s, Xmas Hcp/Adelaide: Misty Eyes, needs some speed on but HTB

    Merry Xmas to all

  2. Good on you Jock – never die wondering!
    We even have Marg over this year to oversee our Xmas arvo selection dissection for the Boxing Day races – I’ll give her your regards and please send mine to your siblings also.
    I’m intending to sit on my hands thursday but get involved Saturday….all subject to variables of course!

  3. Save your money till Saturday when I will be home with some good mail.Hope all had a great Xmas

  4. Jock, Sysmo nice old slaughter last start, love D Lane and in it up to his ears on Karacatis, but surely that no good money muncher Richies Vibe should get away with that with its spring formline.
    Crio, that crow horse Like Bolt is going around in Adelaide today

  5. Thanks mate. I’ll chase my money. Which race?

  6. The 6th

  7. Genius Jock, any time Oliver gets beat in a photo by d lane is a good day

  8. Well done Jock.
    I am still out of form but really keen on a couple for Saturday….starting with R1 MV

  9. What do you do when you get photo finished out of three races at Morphetville Boxing Day? You have another go Saturday and see if your luck changes
    So with confidence here is the mail
    AR 5 No 1 E/W
    AR 7 No 8 good chance
    AR 8 no 5 good chance
    and I will put in Flying for Me which was really spooked in the barrier and ran a shocker last start – its owned by a good mate and he says it shows a lot of promise
    By the way Crio if you have ever watched cowboy flicks there was an actor Slim Pickens in many of them
    Happy New Year to all on Crios Racing and keep dehydration at bay in the heat

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