Crio’s racing…look at some form!

The usual suspects go around tomorrow at Caulfield as winter sets in and racing’s profile drops away. For what it is, your basic meat’n’veg mid-season card, the meeting is OK but for many of us it is time to cut the losses. Even Elvis, our intrepid Groote Eyelandt correspondent, ruminated yesterday on trying for a couple more weeks and then pulling the pin until the good’uns are back (such a pledge, I must add, has remained unfulfilled before!).

I’m going to the footy tonight (Friday) and tomorrow and, some Betfair footy lays aside, will take little notice of the race results. A reference to my racing calendar was required to confirm the Melbourne metropolitan venue – around now it all gets a bit like Billy Birmingham’s Richie with his “MCG, SCG, The Gabba, The WACA or wherever the f… we are this week”!

At least in Adelaide they know where they are…Morphettville every week! If you are stuck for an investment, try River’s Lane E/W. Its a pretty good horse and could be seen in better races later.

Brisbane remains the focus but, despite big fields and open races, the talent is not really around – witness the Group One 2000m race? If that’s the best of our WFA horses then things are quite bleak.

Inevitably a tip will test my resolve but the plan is to keep an eye on Brisbane and mostly hibernate down here. The racecourse will be on autopilot for a while, and just the hardy few will occupy the betting ring. Before long, though, visions of Spring splendour will be back. Damage control until then…but I’m still easily talked around if anyone can put forward a persuasive case!


  1. Check the time clock before marking your form guide, but….
    the (very) late mail at the rubbity dub tonight declared War Ends (MR3 No3) a lolly and then joins the chorus rallying at odds for Mr Molokai (MR5 No10).

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