Crio’s Racing: John Monash Stakes

Whilst the John Monash Stakes at Caulfield doesn’t rate a page of the Miller’s Guide it does at least tend to mark the turning tide as, generally, henceforth better horses reappear on the formguides, either seeking some black-type before season’s end or building up to bigger plans ahead.
It is, of course, still “off-season” – the Jumps meeting on Sunday at Sandown tends to emphasize that – but trainers and owners are scouring racing calendars and plotting preps to yield results down the track.
The Hawkes Team, for example, is baying that Happy Galaxy, likely fav in the MRC’s feature, is pencilled in for Hong Kong amongst other Gr1 goals this year. That’s a fair rise from The Heath in midwinter so presumably we better put him in our second Quaddy leg. Here are some other possible inclusions and observations in that and the other 3 legs:-
MR5- Sydney’s Waller show crosses the Murray. Include his 7 as well as the 10.
MR6- Add Mrs Onassis to the Hawkes’ hyped. 9 + 10.
MR7- tough. Go wide. Be wary of all the solid Heavy form now these tracks are firming. 8. 13.??
MR8- don’t like the race. Weir holds too many cards. Throw in Reparations (11) + maybe 7.
It’s a pretty good card so, at the very least, watch the replays – there might be a real good ‘un amongst the 2yos on show in the first.
The push for Committed in the 7th takes me back decades to one of the best meetings I have ever attended – the 1984 July Cup at Newmarket in which Chief Singer (from memory) defeated Never So Bold and Committed with vaunted Habibti unplaced in a really hot edition of the great race. The 2013 installment is contested this Sunday. I’ll leave it to DD to dissect the form but were I fortunate enough to be in the Old Dart (and especially if the Poms are putting us to the sword) I’d be motoring the 80 miles from Nottingham to be at Newmarket for at least this final day of what is a carnival for the purists.
But, alas, that’s a pipedream for me this year – but our game is fuelled by such memories and dreams; the sort which gets trainers and jockeys out of bed at 3am and plotting their personal “high tide” for when the rest of the sports world wakes up for the big races late in Spring.
For those who persist through the darker months, I’ve got my paper ready for perusal and my ear open for suggestions.
Good luck!


  1. Wait till you get really old -you live on memories. (I didnt get to Newmarket but had a great day at Epsom in 72)
    After a walk on the beach I ran into Dennis OLeary who said Value As was an e/w chance in the last (then he added it wont be 25/1 as the Tiser said)
    Rain about to hit here for the weekend so Im being careful
    Agree with you about the last in Melbourne- Weir will get one but which one?
    Hows the Knee?

  2. I’ll try to remember to take your lead on O’Leary’s. Thanks.
    I’ve had a real good push for Octavia tomorrow. Not one of mine but the mail is true.
    The knee’s not bad – lighter pockets, alas, help!

  3. I’ll try to remember… live on memories…….I think I need to get the tissues out, I’m getting all misty.

    Apparently there’s races on tomorrow and in between the cricket ( what a breath of fresh air and new guy can create) and the footy I’ve found time to have a look and on a hard day where the tracks could deteriorate there’s a few that may come into it.

    If it gets wet at Caulfield, I’ll have something on Elite Elle despite the wide draw. I think Happy Galaxy is overrated as it hasn’t had to work up front yet. I also like Lord Pyrus a bit later in the day.

    The Adelaide forecast is fairly ugly but thought that Perfect Punch was a chance in the 2nd last and Spoilspot in the 5th.

    I’m also waiting to see some input from the elusive JA who I cornered in Gawler Place on Thursday and have sent a link to this site, he was wondering along with an armful of travel info for Canada but upon hearing of potential banter between Budge and Elvis on this page , he got quite interested.

    Where are you JA ????

  4. Jock, JA’s alter ego, Bongo, is the authority on Canada. I think he may even have been at Newmarket 1984.
    They’ll water the track at Caulfield, though some rain is promised tomorrow. It has been dry here all week.

  5. Don;t know about Newmarket but Bongo was in attendance with me at the Curragh when Law Society won the 85 Irish Derby.

  6. Track rating in the backyard at Warradale has gone from a dead 5 to a slow 7 in the last 2 hours so and I guess it’s on its way to you. If it doesn’t rain at Caulfield I’ll have to re assess everything.
    I’m hunkering down for the weekend…reds are stocked up, I’ll cook up a beef bourguingnon in the morning and assume the position on the couch with TVN and the laptop..set like a jelly.

  7. Where have you been all winter Budge? No one on site to keep us honest

  8. Too many good judges making good sense. I’ll be ready to jump all over anyone if they start talking rubbish – where are you Elvis?

  9. On track.
    Try running dbl Winter Chilla in ti Reparations and Alpha Proxima as a get out

  10. Oges, you must be flush!
    Vlad the Impaler giving you a bank in to the last at Morphettville!
    Well done.

  11. I will take ir while I can – ran into the cafe owner where we go and he only backs Andrew Mallyons rides (free coffee this morning) but being the victims we are I am sure I can find some way the lose some (maybe on Gordon Yorkes at Grafton)

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