Crio’s Racing: Final Day

Final Day is a big deal. The races are good, the midweek hype has settled and spirited betting can be assured as trainers and owners pursue the last snatches of Carnival status and prizemoney.
On the Rails, Derby Day was frenetic, whilst Cup and (I’m guessing) Oaks are relatively lacklustre. But I’ll be strapping on the bag looking for a “fill” as serious punters launch a final flourish at what has become one of the year’s best meetings.
Given I have Oaks tomorrow and other commitments Friday, this can only be a sketchy overview for forum followers.
The old Maribyrnong Plate opens proceedings (MR1, G3, 2yo, 1000m) – I reckon this was once a Derby Day staple? – and these are the races for which “Watch Betting” was coined! Toppy in lieu of any idea!
Galah (MR2, No3) might be a muncher but here’s where we find out. The mile at HQ is perfect.
Hollyonny (MR3, No4) seems the safe option in a modest 2000m race, but it will be interesting to see how Sertorious handles this stage.
Skip the Listed R4 and look ahead to the G1, million dollar “Straight 6” which trades these days as the Patinack. Those of us on course had no idea of the drama unfolding around Howmuchdoyouloveme last Saturday – mates watching on telly say the commercial coverage was of tubing and “classic black+white” fashion all arvo – but the $3 on offer had a stench about it. What now? Does he run? Can he win? I’d earmarked him as the star Spring sprinter and am now totally flummoxed. Buffering? Snitzerland? Sea Siren? There’s a Newmarket feel to this…maybe Lone Rock?
The Quaddy kicks off with another fascinating G1 Mile – and I’m on the Solzhenitsyn bandwagon (MR6, No4). Save on Happy Trails (2).
The Matriarch (MR7, G2, 2000m, Mares) promised plenty but Silent Achiever (1) has scared off key contenders with her weight pull and now will rightly start odds on.
The staying race (MR8, QE Stakes, G3, 2600m) has drawn a really good field. Punters have plumped for the dominant Bendigo Cup winner Puissance De Lune (11). Plenty of chances in a good trifecta race.
The last (MR9, 1400m) will need further investigation. There are so many factors to consider…the wearing of the track and the state of the wallet being primary. Remember the Down Under Boy blowout last year (it returns!)? A lot of these have “priors” – tread warily…. There’s always Sandown next week!
Regrettably, racing coverage looks set to move on to the News pages as murky dealings attract Investigative reporters. As mentioned previously, I will offer no comment regarding the rampant rumours and innuendo – we are dealing with a murder investigation and serious accusations so any comments must be considered. However, if there are matters needing to be addressed, it is to be hoped that courageous calls are made and the best long term interests of Racing are served. Media coverage has been varied so far – clearly The Age feel that they get no real advertising revenue from our sport whereas The Herald-Sun tries to juggle balls. To be continued.
Meanwhile, good luck…and please offer your views on this page.


  1. We are all too busy trying to get a winner in the tipping competition Crio.
    Where is Elvis and Jock -then Budge may pop his head above the wall?

  2. Perversely, I don’t mind doing poorly in tipping comps as it justifies staying off the punt! Looking to settle down with the cricket, the formguide and a cleanser later!

  3. I’m here.
    Been busy doing some work (trust me, I work for the government) and some of the little jobs at home so I’ll be able to sweet FA on the weekend and concentrate on racing and cricket. I have the fridge stocked for when I get home so you can expect some comment after the first 2 stubbies.
    Hope everyone’s still got a few $$$ left for tomorrow.

  4. Jock- I worked for the govt just before I retired so is that why I like “red” .

  5. Crio,

    Andrew Eddy made a very good case for Playing God in the Age this morning, citing great placed runs at Flemington in the past against the cream. Without winning, he certainly has run some great races in Group 1’s not so long ago.

    I missed the $41, but have had extra on at the $31

  6. Crio,

    Just waiting for Budge to chime in and give me some grief about tipping WA horses. The anticipation is killing me.

  7. Oges,
    The answer is yes.
    Remember the movie Flying High when Lloyd Bridges is in the tower saying” I think I picked a bad day to give up smoking” and then it moved on to dringing, glue sniffing etc. Well that’s what it’s like working for the government now, so I guess it hasn’t changed.

  8. Jock – I forgot to say you get cynical working for the Govt.too and your reply tells me you agree. (nearly as bad as teaching eh Crio?)
    Elvis- good to see you are early and we wait with anticipation for Budge to appear
    (thought after being the only person I know who picked Green Moon in the Cup you have to cut him some slack)
    Did any of you see Phantoms tips on the Competiton thread for Oaks Day – brilliant

  9. Elvis, Elvis, Elvis – when will you learn? Get off the WA bandwaggon (you are the only one on it).

    My initial glance at the form and saw Galah at $2.60. He’s not a $2.60 horse to me. Reckon he’ll get out to $4+ and I quite like Strike The Stars despite the 60kgs (also an emergency for the Emirates so if the stable though he was going well enough for that he’ll be hard to beat). Currently quoted at $10 but will be less.

    I see Howmuchdoyoudrenchme is a bit longer price this week????

  10. Playing Dead is currently $36 on Betfair on his way to 50s.
    If you insist on backing WA hacks you might as well try not to take bottom odds as well.

  11. What, precisely, is the function, intent and consequences of drenching. Steve Richards’ stables Elvis!

  12. Budge,

    Thanks for the Quinella. Playing Dead and FatAl


    I live in the Territory, could you dumb that down a bit for me?

  13. I was referring to the Thankgodyou’rehere stuff – is that a “milkshake”?

  14. Initial thoughts now that i’ve had a beer are:
    Agree with Budge that Galah is not a $2.60 horse but it’s the best horse and not a strong race so I’d be more than prepared to take $4
    I think a different Essay Raider will turn up tomorrow, didn’t handle the valley, Boban is a roughie with a hope.
    I think Sea Siren will probably win but also like Hallowell Belle going on it’s previous run down the straight.
    The mile is a lottery so i’m having something on Smokin Joey and
    Silent Achiever, certainty and will follow up with Invest by putting it in trifectas for 2nd/3rd.
    The best e/w of the day must be Folding Gear who was sensational in the Caulfield Cup, not yet convinced with that fav as it still only ran home the last 600 in about 36 at Bendigo and the win probably looked better than it really was.
    To finish it will be beer o’clock, there is no way I’m having a bet in the last.
    I’m also a bit interested in backing Holy Moley in Sydney in the 6th, interesting form, good trainer and very good fresh in what looks an ordinary race.

  15. Whilst all else is speculative, the “no way I’ll have a bet in the last” is hilarious.

  16. Crio,

    Don’t know. Having invested the overwhelming majority of my life’s passion, time and money in the racing industry, I am in a degree of denial, confident the good aspects will ultimately get the nod over evil.

    Having said that though, D Oliver makes my blood boil. I know he is supposedly innocent till….but if found guilty, what an arsehole. IN MY OPINION, he has put all my aforementioned emotions and hard earned at some risk and defiled public trust; for what, ten grand on something paying $2.30 on the tote. I’m not naive enough not to know the hoops have a bet, but for crissakes, Oliver. Why don’t we do a whip around for the poor starving bastard.

    If the allegations are proved correct, I hope he retires in absolute disgrace.

  17. Elvis,
    Would it be better if it was $100k on a $20 shot? Is it the amount of the bet or the price that is abhorrent? Jockeys have bet since Adam was an apprentice. He was stiff enough to get caught 1967 Melbourne Cup winner style.
    Think it was the Toorak that was the IXL at some point. This is the George Adams.

    Jock – your SA tips are starting to rival Elvis’s WA ones in predictability. Agree Boban a chance though. I actually like Spirit Song in the Emirates.

  18. Playing Dead now $40

  19. Budge,

    Fair cop the Geo Adams / IXL / Ampol / Honda thing. Oliver is still an asshole and he’s havin’ a laugh.

    Logging off.

    Touched you last.

  20. Vintage Budge -take no prisoners.The big week has knocked Crio out
    This will be my last post for a while as the “Management Committee” and I leave for a trip to southern NSW and beyond next week. (I did factor in at least one race -meeting at Adaminaby in the Alps)
    Being of another generation I dont have a smart-phone or IPad so will have to visit the odd Internet Cafe to see whats happening if I can
    Good punting all – give me four weeks and I will have worn out my welcome and have to return home

  21. Happy Birthday Elvis. May all your trifectas come true!

  22. Good on you Elvis.
    Excites Zelady?

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