Crio’s Question: Why do we have the split round?

I can’t remember. But I do know that it disturbs the momentum of my season. I’ll probably forget to put in my footy tips!
I acknowledge that going to the game is no longer the rotating Saturdays of black and white shorts and that the main audience, TV, is not troubled with their fixture unaffected.
But I never rediscovered last season after the break, and my Doggies were similarly afflicted. The Darwin trip, programmed here, might benefit the players but it further distances fans.
It is, admittedly, better than the bye. It’s been bad enough this week with fewer games and the media dredging unsavoury tales. This is when players, too, stuff up.
And don’t start me on the irrelevant state game caravan. Ask Tony Hall. We don’t want injuries. We see the stars every week. There are no higher honours to be attained than an AFL flag.
Why do we have the split round?


  1. Its actually a stroke of genius. It gives all the football lovers one weekend in the season to do stuff around the house, whilst still having at least some football to vaguely tune in to. Imagine how many marriages/ relationboats/partnerships/cohabitations, or whatever you want to call them, that this one weekend must save.

  2. I have never seen “stuff around the house” as an upside. Once begun, never finished. You are simply showing what you could do if not footy obsessed. My advice would be to make a nuisance of yourself so footy is then regarded as a means of keeping you out of the road.

  3. Chalkdog says

    The split round is purely an invention of the Commissars to further manipulate the “draw” to their own advantage. They had to impose salary caps & the draft to get a “level playing field”. They bow to the “power clubs” and supply “blockbusters” [see Ess 7th v Carl 8th and SIX games behind the ladder leaders – blockbuster my donkey!] to plough the level playing field. Fans have never been considered by the Commissars. All they are interested in is the pourage rights at the stadium that was supposed to save the competition. Get a fixture that is equitable, force clubs to invest in depth by having to have 35 match ready players on their lists at all times and get rid of the split round. And while making change, how about ruling that no clubs can change coaches the week before they play the dogs. We cop that far too often! The only house that had stuff to be done over the split round is AFL House. And you betcha that the only stuff done by the inhabitants of that house was Rugby Union, Mate v Mate and the holiday house at Portsea. Split round – Get Rid of IT!

  4. Pamela Sherpa says

    I agree, the momentum of the season is broken. The TV scheduling becomes a complete mess over the two weeks. I’d prefer a proper break with no footy on rather than a split round.

  5. Chalk, Don’t hold back. Tell us what you really think? And, by the way, we should beat North. They’ve actually got the Accidental Coach…someone said their list was a crock ‘a..and they misunderstood the intent.Not sure what Barry can do until Boomer comes back.

  6. I like split round, because I would hate a footy-free weekend in the season. The 4-4 idea is better, which they stopped doing about 4-5 years ago I think. Four games each week is better but as long there is a Friday night, saturday afternoon, saturday night and Sunday afternoon each week.

  7. It’s important to remember that the split round gives non-Melbourne supporters the chance to experience a weekend of skiing…

  8. It certainly stuffs up your footy tips and Supercoach selections are a raffle for the 2nd week. As for Chalkdog’s comments, I would have thought 83,000 attendance constitutes a blockbuster – what’s his definition?

  9. pauldaffey says

    Gidday Budge,

    An upcoming Crio’s Question might be: should the word “blockbuster” be banned?

    I’d be voting yes.

  10. Good effort dad, i think that the split round shouldn’t be a split round, it should be eight the first week, then zero the next. That would give football lovers a chance to get back to the “grassroots”, and watch either the VFL or their local club, the next week.
    Read my new team, under Chris Riordan, on the almanackers list, right of screen.

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