Crio’s Question: Who supports the white shorts?

Melbourne marveled to the “Red Sea” of Liverpool scarves and scouser songs last week. Unacknowledged was the point that this may well have been the largest, most vocal “Away” crowd in history!

Some say that the English cricketers lose their advantage in Birmingham.

A significant number of Storm fans, it is said, swap allegiances when the NZ NRL team visits AAMI Park!

Where are the “white shorts” well supported?


  1. Tony Roberts says

    I think you may have confused Birmingham with The Oval. During the West Indies’ domination of Test cricket in the 70s and 80s, the South London ground next to Brixton seemed like a home Test for the Windies. If not necessarily in numbers, there was certainly more noise and colour in support of Lloyd and Richards’ teams than England, exemplified by the ‘Blackwash’ banner held up at the end of the 1984 series.

    As with Leeds particularly, Birmingham also has large Caribbean and sub-continental communities, but Test ticket prices at English grounds are now so steep that most immigrant communities tend to be frozen out, or gravitate to ODIs. If anything, Edgbaston would be have loudest and most aggressively pro-England crowd – being as it is in the ‘Heart of England’ and near to Enoch Powell’s old stamping ground in Wolverhampton.

    Largely because of the conditions, Australia once regarded Perth Tests against Curtly and co as ‘away’ matches – might still apply nowadays (on both sides of the fence) when Steyn leads SA’s attack.

  2. Very true Tony, but I was actually thinking of the massive sub-continent demography of Birmingham.

  3. Steve Baker says

    Does Queensland playing NSW in an Origin match in Melbourne count? They’re not necessarily the ‘white shorts’ – they’ve given up hosting a match at Lang park, but certainly not on home soil and I’ve always thought support for the Maroons has outweighed the Blues when they play here in Melbourne

  4. cowshedend says

    How about the North Korean soccer team, has huge numbers following them away as well as home.

  5. Usain Bolt – everyone loves the Bolt.

  6. Tony,
    I went to a few days of the 1984 Lord’s Test. In the outer. Poms getting belted in that series. Small crowd. Fantastic Rasta vibe …. rum and ganga and Clive worship abounded. And then Greenidge’s masterpiece on the final day.

  7. Andrew Fithall says

    Wearing the white shorts could sometimes mean uncomfortable morning conversations with newly-met housemates.

  8. The bombers get pretty solid support in the West.

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