Crio’s Question: who are the genuine sportslovers among the ranks of actors and singers and other celebs?

When a dishevelled Tim Rogers bounded across my TV screen on his way to footy finals, I wondered about other muso/celebs who are serious disciples of sport. Who are they? Mick Jagger at Lord’s, Rod Stewart at Parkhead and Jack Nicholson at LA Lakers are my opening bids.


  1. Kenny G has a +1 golf handicap. I hope he’s not allowed to have that saxophone on the course. I prefer Bill Murray and Alice Cooper who play off 6 and 7.

  2. Surely you’re not suggesting golf is a sport.

  3. George Harrison was a keen Formula One fan and a close mate of Nigel Mansell. I always thought that his Eastern spiritual beliefs sat uncomfortably with his petrol head sporting tastes.

  4. Mark Ferguson says

    Spike Lee perpetually at Madison Square Garden courtside, being wholly obnoxious for his New York Knicks. Given the length of the NBA season, it appears that Lee can no longer make movies as it would necessarily mean missing basketball games; whoever has been doubling for him in the director’s chair lately needs to be replaced.

    Beyond Jack Nicholson, the Staples Center in LA is pretty much celebrity central. Other regularly-visible Laker fans include once-hot Dyan Cannon, Denzel Washington, Andy Garcia, and Leo DiCaprio.

    Rapper Jay-Z was enough of a fanboy he bought into the Brooklyn Nets, and it seems like any event (in any major US sport) has a reasonable chance of Snoop Dogg (or is it Lion now?) being in the crowd.

  5. Jay-Z’s buy in of the Brooklyn (nee New Jersey) Nets was massively overstated — that said, you could argue it was important for the relocated and redesigned franchise’s ‘brand’.

    The Celtics have a little Hollywood in the stands through Matt Damon (ref:, Ben Affleck (also a big Red Sox fan – ref: ‘The Town’) and Mark Wahlberg.

  6. Russel Crowe is an afficianado of Rugby League. Paul Kelly, of “Bradman” fame is a Crow supporter. Who does Jack Thompson support ?


  7. Perhaps “Bradman” infamy would be better. Must be the all-time lamest lyric of a song that doesn’t have a horse in it.

  8. ERIC Bana is a very keen Sainters’ fan. Have seen him in the stands when Big Nick, Scummy Milney and Dodgy Joey are going around.
    Maybe Eric not as buffed as when he played Hector in Troy — who can ever forget that magnificent one-on-one duel with B. Pitt as Achilles at the foot of the city walls — but on the edge of the Phone Dome seat, nonetheless.

  9. Megan Gale is a big Carlton fan.

  10. Good afternoon Crio.

    Oscar nominee, golf enthusiast and part owner of four (4) minor league baseball teams Bill Murray is a huge fan of the Chicago Cubs.

    In late 1990/early 1991 Murray and his co-owners made enquiries about purchasing the license of the then dormant Melbourne Monarchs of the ABL, which were subsequently picked up by the Footscray Football Club in late 1991.


  11. Andrew Fithall says

    Tim Rogers – Saints
    Shane Howard (along with his brother Damian) – Tigers
    Dan Sultan – Saints
    Ash Naylor – Pies

  12. Andrew Fithall says

    That meant to say Tex Perkins – Saints. Tim Rogers is obviously Kangaroos

  13. Miley Cyrus loves the sport of pole dancing.

  14. Agnetha Fältskog and Anni-Frid Lyngstad – Carlton

  15. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Rob Lowe – Collingwood :)

  16. St Kilda Football Club – Dwarf Wrestling, Arson.

  17. Michael Palin; Damian Lewis (Homeland, Band of Brothers) and Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) are all genuine cricket fans and have done guest commentator stints on Test Match Special.
    The only Australian equivalent I can think of is the intelligent, witty and seductive actress Kate Fitzpatrick who got a short-lived commentary gig on #9 in the 80’s. Chappelli and the boys quickly ensured she was humiliated and got yanked.
    Plus’ ce change…

  18. Luke Reynolds says

    Mark Seymour is a Footscray fan and regularly attends games
    I’ve seen Brian Nankervis from Rockwiz at a few Collingwood games, presume he is a Pies fan??

  19. The proclaimers hibernian(sunshine on Leith)

  20. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Elton John Watford and Mick Jagger is a huge Cricket Fan

  21. Dave Faulkner (Hoodoo Gurus) – Cronulla Sharks
    Many musical types are revealed as sports lovers in a book called ‘Boys and Their Balls’.
    Bob Hawke – Yachting

  22. I’m pretty sure that Jack Thompson (actor) is Collingwood, as is Daryl Braithwaite (singer, Sherbet);
    & I actually remember Colleen Hewitt (singer, actor) once leading the cheer squad in a rather colorful chant.

    Never ever let it be forgotten that former PM Mr P. Keating also made a visit to Vic Park (back in the ‘John Elliott for PM’ days, unsurprisingly) & for a real pearler, try picturing Best Actress Oscar Winner Susan Sarandan doing her Maggie Pye imitation in a C’wood beanie.

  23. G.A.Thompson says

    Eric Bana has shared his love and explanations of footy and the Sainters sitting in Dave Letterman’s guest chair no less!!

  24. Stan the Man says

    Jim Keays from the 60’s rock band – Masters Apprentices went to Norwood high and played under 17’s footy for the Norwood Redlegs. A great band – yes Red and Blue blooded.

  25. Stan the Man says

    Nearly forgot add singer song writer Paul Kelly and Coodabeen Greg Champion as Norwood boys as well.

  26. Rocketrooster says

    Further to your redleg supporters Stantheman, Robyn Archer, Beccy Cole, and former Toxic Shock lead singer and current Radio National Breakfast Host Fran Kelly have all been keen North Adelaide roosters supporters as were actor Paul Cronin and billionaire philanthropist Basil Sellers.

  27. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Stan as a ex Norwood High Student and very Red and Blue blooded I should have thought of those but I am v glad you did Go the Legs

  28. Stan the Man says

    The King : Graeme Kennedy was a St Kilda supporter contrary to his famous “Crow” impersonation on TV. His offsider Bert Newton a Fitzroy man

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