Crio’s Question: What racing memories can you share?

Oddly, racing folk are sentimental and never moreso than this week. We remember the old cups and the winners and near-misses.

The Cup, of course, figures large in most people’s memories, but not in my greatest recollections.

1982/83/84 were my glory years and my favourite racing moments come from then…

  1. Unquestionably, Kingston Town’s 3rd Cox Plate…”he might win yet the Champ….oh, Kingston Town’s swamping them…” misty eyed remembering the greatest day ever in Australian racing.

  1. The July Cup 1984. Habibte had the form but the challengers were of the highest quality. I shall never forget Chief Singer’s win.

  2. The Valley Trots…take your pick…Gammalite, Pure Steel or my absolute fav, Popular alm. A.G.Hunter cup night was always superb

Another great chapter will be written tomorrow – who has some memories to share?


  1. Skip of Skipton says

    I went to the Derby in ’97 and backed Second Coming who paid $30. That was a good day out.

    From the link, Princess Tracy in the Sangster colours is well known to Aussie breeders.
    Habibti a half-sister to legendary broodmare Eight Carat.

  2. Skip, I didn’t know the Eight Carat connection

  3. 1986/7 At the Clare Easter Races in country SA I witnessed a bunch of 20 something’s plonk $20 each way on a 125 to 1 winner. Their unbridled excitement was a joy to watch.

    End of Season footy trip in ’83 or ’84 found us at the Port Lincoln races. A “hot” tip had us all backing Penny Edition in from 14’s. Even as the bookie wound it in, we kept on betting with him, ignoring better odds elsewhere. It duly saluted and paid for the weekend.

    My first Melbourne Cup punt courtesy of a my friendly Year 10 maths teacher, who plonked my $2 each way on Leilani (I think) at the local TAB. It came 3rd, but it was weeks before I summoned the courage to go and collect. I should never have worried about being underage – this was the good old days when everyone turned a blind eye in TABs, pubs etc

  4. Good one Crio. Back in the 90’s.
    My first ever race meeting.
    January (I think).
    A cricket club fundraiser trip. In a double-decker bus.

    Memorable for a 2-horse race.
    In which one horse broke the barrier at the start.
    And the sole remaining horse then had to complete a mishap-free circuit of the course to collect the win.

  5. Backing the winner in the last race ever at Vic Park in Adelaide. Parklands racing was farewelled at a Christmas Twilight meeting. I was sitting in the top right corner of the ‘new’ grandstand with a perfect view of the finish.

    Until my nag passed the post, It hadn’t really occurred to me that this was the last time that would ever happen. I had a sudden memory of walking down to the back straight, on the East Tce side of the track, with my grandfather as a small boy, and him holding me tight in his grip as I watched the horses thunder by from under the railing.

  6. Mick Jeffrey says

    Actually tipped Dane Ripper (as a 13 year old) in the 97 Cox Plate at 33/1. Shame the old man didn’t back it for me…..

  7. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Going to Oakbank on the bus with , Ad Uni FC , 2 guys get on carrying lab coats every 1 starts drinking from the keg forget all about it . When the keg runs out in the arvo these 2 simply put the coats on walked down to wear the kegs were kept walked in said need keg for tent number 5 , bring the keg back , Bob Neil taps it away we go
    another , Gillette great moment in sport . The bus driver thought it was hilarious said 1st time he had taken a bus to Oakbank and vertually same amount of beer comes back as went on the bus

  8. I Was an unwilling Flemington race goer in ’93 when Vintage Crop won, Crio.
    Unwilling as I’m not a fan of nag racing, but bound to go as a regional daily’s sports editor so photog Peter Hyett and I had to snap and interview our city’s attendees for the next day’s paper.
    Was a memorable occasion as I have a feeling V. Crop was the 1st o’seas raider to win the Cup. nonetheless, a frightful day on course as u can’t move, or just at a crawl, so we had to pinpoint where our regional folks were cloistered.
    Yes, I know your good self, JTH and other Knackers lerrrrve the gallops and the punt.
    Me — I’d rather research and investigate prospects for the great Collins St. TAB — the ASX.

  9. Richard- what do you think of the chances of Alexium then in the “Speculative Stakes” ?

  10. NAH, Oges not into speculative or mining stocks.
    But have you kept pace with the looming release of the Medibank Private offer.
    Yairs I realise a lot of well versed shares punters are against IPOs, but I intend to have a dabble — for as many as myself and our share punting entities will (legally) allow!!

  11. I’m afraid it’s too “Blue Chip” for me but I will watch with interest what it comes on at. Good luck or should I say good safe investing

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