Crio’s Question: What can you do to help your team in September?

I’m converted to the fatalist view, but all around me at the MCG are Doggies fans taking the blame for our latest puncture.
Katrina bought her new Bulldogs fleecy top before the West Coast game and hasn’t been to a match since. What’s more, she’s never seen the Doggies beat the Cats. When Cat’s Whisker’s salutes at Flemington, it is clear. We can’t win.
What can YOU do to help your side to September glory?


  1. Easy – wear my lucky jocks and lucky shirt. Worked in 2007! (Jocks are still going – only just)

  2. Dips,

    I had a pair of blue jocks that I wore in footy matches and a pair of jocks with mathematical equations all over them that I wore in exams.

    Both died years ago.

  3. I honestly heard a bloke on the radio anxiously inquiring as to whether Geelong were wearing their white topped or blue topped socks. Exasperatedly asked “What difference could it possibly make?”, he simply replied, “They wore the white tops in 07”.
    Convinced that I’ve outgrown this stupidity, i nevertheless know that a differnt shirt and scarf will be worn this week for the Doggies.

  4. Stephen Cooke says

    Imagine the hordes of opposition supporters desperate to get hold of Dips’s jocks. Frightening.

  5. It’s a bit like a golfer swiching the putter or driver. In this case its the jocks ‘n socks.

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