Crio’s Q: What are the list management hits and misses of the season so far?

by Chris Riordan

It is a good stage of the season to evaluate how each club has fared in “list management” for 2010.

During the NAB Cup there was hysterical support for the Doggies’ Hall recruitment.

By Round 3 the additions of Fev and Bradshaw were seen as master strokes by Brissie and Sydney.

As the season is unfolding so, too, are other gems.

Jolly might not yet be an on-field leader, but he is having an impact on the Club whilst Luke Ball is fitting in to the Pies’ gameplan neatly.

Freo’s left-field conscription of Barlow and Silvagni has been universally lauded and seen as a coup for the VFL, whose former stalwart Podsiadly is now a cult figure at the defending premiers.

But it can’t all have been good. Burgoyne’s not played and Mumford looks a bad slip at the Cattery.

How do you assess the comings and goings for each team this season?


  1. Crio, to get things started,

    Burgoyne did play in the twos a while ago but was way-laid while watusiing with Max (don’t you just love him) Rooke. He’ll be right in a month or two.

    Mumford’s loss wasn’t my happiest day as a Cat scat but it appears he is about to spend a bit of time out in the bush with the Hukowies doing combat target recognition.

    Apparently he mistook Gazza’s noggin for a basket ball and slam dunked it yesterday, subsequently incurring the wrath of review crew.

  2. Two years ago Joel McDonald was hosed by Brad Miller, which was ominous. Then Vossy gave him the push citing his tendency to cough up the ball. Melbourne picked him up in the PSD stating that he would help stiffen the backline. He was ok up until the North game when he continually, yes, coughed up the ball.

    The jury is most definitely out.

  3. Sydney’ acquisition of Ben McGlynn and Josh Kennedy from the Hawks was a very good trade for the Swans. McGlynn especially brings pace and goal sense to the Sydney squad, once again the Swans have demonstrated their ability to make intelligent trades and allow their recruits from other clubs to flourish.

    Richmond getting rid of Jay Schulz and getting a promising small defender in Mitch Farmer as well as pick 71 (who they used to draft Ben Nason) looks like a good one so far.

  4. The Sarge (Schulz) kicked the winner against the Saints for Port!

  5. See nothing. Hear nothing.

  6. John Butler says

    Sydney and Freo didn’t attract much attention with their trading & drafting, but they’ve clearly done the best to date.

    Sydney impress as a club who usually make the best of a given situation. Somebody knows what they’re doing up there.

    Barlow, Pods, Silvagni will probably send scouts scurrying back to check out senior footy ranks, especially with the compromised drafts coming up.

    I’m obviously bitter and twisted on this issue, but I always saw the off-loading of Fev as a long term win for the Blues. We probably could have done a better trade, but I think Henderson will prove useful. And now we can get on with the task of developing a more effective playing method.

    It’s certainly not the disaster many predicted.

  7. Ironically, as big bucks are being thrown at NRL stars and talent schools allegedly flourish in the USA, it is real “footballers” who are making their mark, whether more “mature” (for the Dogs in recent times that means Morris and Picken) or young – witness Trengove and Scully and McKenzie at Melbourne.
    Barlow and co know how to find the footy.

  8. Dave Nadel says

    I think most of us at Collingwood are pretty happy with Luke Ball and cannot understand what Ross Lyon and the Saints “brainstrust” had against him last year. Darren Jolly was always expected to do well and though it took him a few weeks to get to something approaching his Sydney form, for the last two matches he has lived up to expectations.

    I wonder if the story is not only who has been recruited but also who has been discarded. I was amazed/appalled when I heard that Hawthorn had traded Josh Kennedy, the grandson of their greatest coach and mentor. I wonder how much that has contributed to Hawthorn’s poor run this season. For a club that has always promoted its club culture as “the family club” trading J Kennedy the third does not seem to be consistent. I would be interested to hear what dedicated Hawk supporters think?

  9. John Butler says


    That’s an excellent point re Kennedy. Not that this Kennedy will necessarily be a champ, but about the club as a whole. The alleged offering of Campbell Brown, and the subsequent rumours he’s talking to Gold Coast may be related.

    I’m no Hawks fan, but with Jeff’s constant mouthing off, and their on field woes, they don’t appear to be happy campers.

  10. Chalkdog says

    Crio. the banishing of J McMahon to Coburg when there were no takers during draft week is some of Terry Wallaces best list management albeit “post mortem”

  11. Yeah, Richmond is a sad tale. Martin looks up to it but no stars on the horizon and now even the skipper is looking in strife. They are the models of poor list management, although they have at least discarded players like Tivendale, McMahon and Bowden.It is just that there seems not to be a vibrant new group. Poor Vickery is looking forlorn already.

  12. Chalkdog says

    didnt hear much of Viney after the game last night but can imagine the Sainters Army baying for some current list management adjustment. Particularly around X Clarke, Kossi and Zac.

    Who do you think would be thrown up by clubs as trade bait if there were a mid season draft?
    Collingwood – Jack Anthony
    StK – X Factor

  13. A great crio’s Q mate and would’ve been stand alone.
    Anthony is an interesting case.
    What about big Wilbur Minson?

  14. 12: Carlton’s Shaun Hampson.

    And the X-man is at Brisbane now.

  15. Stephen Cooke says

    The Age tells me today that Mark Blake is now superfluous to Geelong’s needs and that Hawkins will partner Ottens in the ruck in September. I’d still like Steven King in the ruck in a Geelong jumper.

  16. Stephen,

    I did see S. King in a Cat jumper, last night. I watched a replay of the 2007 GF. Just for old times sake.

    Which raises the question. Do Storm supporters have to burn their 2007 and 2009 DVD’s? Maybe they could have a Gallop Poll to see.


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