Crio’s question: We’re really missing a player like…

We’re really missing a player like…..

I went to a couple of games on the weekend.

Friday night as I watched the Saints I couldn’t help thinking how much they missed Robert Harvey.

Sunday as Carlton set up some clean breaks I  pondered how they’d relish a Mark Maclure presenting.


What “like-type” would make a difference to your side?


  1. I think St.Kilda has a weak midfield. Yes. With Hayes, Dal Santo, Montagna and Armitage you’d think i’m crazy. Ray is help too. But without the run of Gram, the waste of buying Peake then delisting him, it’s driving me crazy. So you’re right in suspecting Robert Harvey is important to St.Kilda. Riewoldt I thought had a great night. 4 goals is all we expect.

  2. WCE – Clark Kent (or at a pinch Clark Keating).

  3. Doggies would love to have Granty still in his prime – the old dilemma, though, would remain about whether to play him forward or back. Even when we had him we needed one more!

  4. Richard Naco says

    The Cats need no great player of our long history magically resurrected. Bobby, Polly, Sam, Max, the Ginger Ninja (etc etc etc) and, naturally, the Abletts were gold in their day. But this is no longer teir day, and I’m so very excited by our current list that I would hate to see any of them dropped for any blast from the past.

    The past has had moments of greatness and awe, the present is extremely exhilarating and so supremely satisfying, and our future appears ripe with potential and seems set to see Geelong playing with ever increasing levels of excitement and glory as is evolving in the here and now before our very eyes.

  5. True, Richard, but I was thinking of a “type”.
    Cats could use a Ling-type grappler.

  6. A Micky Martin Type. We don’t currently have any defenders both big enough to play on big key forwards, and good enough to play regular senior football.

  7. Earl O'Neill says

    The Sparkies are premiers and have a wonderfully balanced team for this era of football, so it don’t seem right to draft anyone in…
    But the most memorable sight I ever saw at the SCG was Paul Kelly grabbing the ball outa the centre, sprinting to the edge of the square and kicking it on Tony Lockett’s chest. Again and again…

  8. North needed Glenn Archer.
    No one needs an explanation why.

  9. Stephanie Holt says

    Saints needed a Brendon Goddard-like player.
    Hate to admit it, but it was undeniable on Friday.

  10. Dave Nadel says

    Most of the payers the Pies might need are currently playing themselves back into form in the Seconds (Daisy, Krakouer, Fasolo, Didak)

  11. Dave Nadel says

    Players, not payers

  12. cowshedend says

    Crio, Dogs need a bloke like Tom Williams,shame he was lost to us after being struck by a residual piece of Skylab whilst laying in the medical room at the Western Oval

  13. The cats miss a dominant ruckman, like an Ottens. Someone that can not just win a centre tap-out but put it exactly where his midfielders want it. I’m not fussed whether he is mobile around the ground.

    Having just read what I have written: No, I don’t mean Mark Blake!

  14. North need Brent Crosswell.
    Come back, Tiger!

  15. Forget North, Carlton need him

  16. andythebeast says

    I have to agree also with Stephanie. When Goddard left for the druggies, i was livid: the druggies required 4 days to make that offer, and it took 4 hours for St.Kilda to accept? I was disgusted by Goddard, but it was actually the board members. Stephanie, how was your brother Richard like after? He probably was delighted.

  17. Kevin Phillips. Sad but true.

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