Crio’s Question (weekend edition): Alliteration is back, baby!

Alliteration is back, baby! Billy Birmingham’s beaming.
English teachers, of course, had nothing to do with it.
The wonders of a tongue-twister, for many of us, came via those endless banners that bedecked the MCG in pre-marketing days. Richmond, I recall, was always tenacious, terrific….Tigers (today it’s tormented!).
But Ashton Agar has thrust the joys of alliteration back before us and let’s not miss the chance to indulge. Anyone can play. Choose a category or a letter.
A Test team? – for sure… Gautam Gambhir’s my opener. Agit Agarker can have the cherry.
A footy side, from the backline?- Roy Ramsay, Mickey Martin and Jimmy Jess for starters.
It is a lot of fun.
A very quick brainstorm raised these names.
CRICKET- my fav is Richie Richardson, but also Colin Croft and Mick Malone. I try to forget Kiwi annoyances like Chris Cairns and Scott Styris. If we allow nicknames, how about Freddie Flintoff and Mo Matthews.
FOOTY- Bustling Billy Barrott! Nic Nat is today’s obvious option. Mick Malthouse also.
SOCCER- scrabble players drool over Zinedine Zidane. Frank Farina is an Aussie choice.
GOLF- love Fred Funk. Ernie Els must be nominated.
TENNIS – Boris Becker. Sammy Stosur.
HORSERACING- Jimmy Johnson rode Rain Lover. Clarry Conners has saddled thousands of winners. Takeover Target was trained by Joe Janiak! At the trots, I always admired Koala King.

Obviously the game can be played in any category – always loved the name Pete Postlethwaite in theatre. Adam Ant cashed in when he saw the opportunity! Walt Disney saw it years before – Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck!
Add suggestions for categories or simply reminisce. I’ll be as pleased as punch!


  1. Richard Jones says

    WOT about ol’ Fred Flanagan, Crio.

    Skipper of the Mighty Cats — sorry, Pivotonians — in the Fifties.
    While I’m on Fred. F., did u know the Pivotonians provided the entire Victorian half-forward line for an interstate clash vs. WA or SA. I forget which, now.

    HF line: Davis, Flanagan, Turner.

    And at the risk of repeating myself ol’ Leo Turner was a far better player than son, Mick.
    Leo’s ripping left foot stab passes to a leading forward, not to mention his terrific left foot drop kicks, were a delight.

  2. Rick Kane says

    Mickey Mantle and Barry Bonds, baseball

  3. mickey randall says

    Freddie Flintoff! Gary Gilmore! Billy Brownless!

  4. 2001 Caulfield and Melbourne Cup winner Ethereal’s jockey Scott Seamer
    Indian paceman of about 10 years ago Agit Agarkar

  5. …and Agarker was, of course, a seamer!

    music – Robbie Robertson (The Band)

  6. How about
    Dick Dasterdly
    Penelope Pitstop
    Roger Ramjet
    Lex Luthor
    Footrot Flats
    Stephen and Serge Silvani or the Baby Bombers and for the more adventurous Linda Lovelace ( someone told me she was a great actress)

    On this topic the biggest missed chance has to be from Mr and Mrs Root who called their cricketing son, Joe, if they called him Roger he could have been a tautology as well!

  7. Music??? Don’t get us started Crio:
    Kris Kristoffersen; Tommy Tycho; Waddie Wachtel; Lyle Lovett; Max Merritt; Janis Joplin;
    Don’t think we can count partly made up names like Joan Jett; Joe Jackson; Loretta Lynn – as the alliterative choice was probably for effect.

  8. Jock – I think Mr and Mrs Root missed an opportunity when they didn’t name him Dudley.

  9. David Wilson says

    Malcolm Marshall
    Willy Wonka
    Steele Sidebottom
    Pick the odd one out.

  10. Stan the Man says

    For those of you who are from Sth Australia – Anthony Antrobus, Rodney Robran and Andrew Aish…………..whose son (Jamie) by the way will probably go on the top 5 in next years AFL draft. as Bruce would say he is something “special”

  11. Dean Robinson (aka ‘The Weapon’; aka ‘disgruntled, disaffected and discredited’)

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