Crio’s question: the world’s great shellackings

This week’s question has to be about shellackings after the Cats stunning win on Saturday. Mind you, the Crows the week before were not much better, losing by over 100 points to a side that didn’t even kick 20 goals. Trouncings have a macabre place in sporting folklore and, as we’ve seen, the fallout can be swift and dramatic. Let’s indulge in a little schadenfreude.



  1. Old Scotch 9 . 14 (68) defeated Fingal 0. 0 . (0)

    2010 NTFA (Division 2) Grand Final

    Possibly not the greatest hammering but a significant wet day win.

  2. Soccer

    American Samoa 0 vs Australia 31 in 2001

  3. France 1 : Rainbow Warrior nil.

    Auckland, July 1985

    Absolute disgraceful result

  4. Geelong 24.19.163
    Port 6.8.44

    2007 Grand Final. Magnificent.

  5. Love your work Dips.

  6. 2007 was drug and tank free if I remember correctly Dips.

  7. John Butler says

    The anti-triumphal pills yet to kick in Phantom? :)

  8. Peter Flynn says

    Campbells Creek 100.34.634 defeated Primrose, 3.0.18

    Secretariat winning the 1973 Belmont Stakes by about 31 lengths.

    Race link below. Worth a peek.

  9. I don’t make the news JB, I just report it.

    (There are a couple of typos late in the bit I have just sent you)

  10. The Bad News Bears (from the original 1976 film) lost their first game when their coach (played by Walter Matthau) forfeited after conceding 26 runs without recording an out.

  11. Matthew Webber says

    My first competitive cricket match – the school Under 11s – saw us start well by bowling out our foe for a paltry 50 on a flat, dry wicket that offered little assistance to the quicks.

    Yours truly managed a return of 4 for 4. They came out nicely. Away from the right handers. Nice shape. Edge always threatened.

    In reply, however, we managed a rather anti-climactic total of nine, one that included four byes.

    Does that qualify?

  12. Skip of Skipton says

    Secretariat’s heart was the biggest measured at 22lb. Much bigger than Phar Lap. It got redlined in the Belmont that day.

  13. Adam Muyt says

    Manly 40, Melbourne Storm 0, 2008 NRL Grand Final. And I was there, celebrating sporting beauty triumphing over pure evil.

    Eastern Suburbs 38, St.George 0, 1975 Sydney Rugby League Grand Final. More than 68,000 crowded into the SCG – I was one of them. Changa Langlands, playing his final game after a distinguished career for St.George and Australia, wore a pair of white boots specially for the match at a time when few palyers dared to. He ended up tossing them over the cross-bar at the end of the game.

  14. Dave Nadel says

    I don’t want to look up the Warrnambool Institute/ Deakin University Sharks scores (and I’ll bet Litza doesn’t either) but I suspect there will be some monstrous shellackings.

    South Morang in the Diamond Valley League might also make depressing reading. They were hopeless when I was a kid following the DVFL in the late fifties and every time I’ve looked up their results in the last fifty years they do not seem to have improved.

  15. Adam Muyt says

    I recall Sunbury beating Redan something like 360 to 2 behinds in the Ballarat League back in 1998 or 1999.

  16. Tim Ivins says

    High school indoor cricket – we were unbeaten for the season but the most brutal loss we handed out was 273 to -16. In a 16 over a side game that is just ridiculous.

    Games like that aren’t fun for the winners either.

  17. yeah Tim, that’s a key point. Beltings are not satisfying for the winners either.

    Perhaps more interesting are when opponents that don’t seem totally mismatched produce a flogging.

  18. Alovesupreme says

    Your last point about teams which should be competitive with each other, producing a blow-out is on the money.
    Witness 1983:
    Within the space of five weeks, North Melbourne who finished top (16 wins 6 losses) at the end of the home and away matches produced the following reults:
    d Footscray (finished 7th with a 10/12 record) 189 -74
    d Carlton (5th 13/9) 193-82
    lost to Fitzroy (3rd 15/7) 70-220
    The 1983 Preliminary and Grand Final also reflected this pattern
    PF: Essendon 164 d. North Melbourne 78
    GF: Hawthorn 140 d. Essendon 57
    1984 also produced a memorable Preliminary Final – Essendon 174 d. Collingwood 41 – avenged in the 1990 Grand Final.

  19. Nik Stace says

    1993 Fosters Cup first round – Adelaide 27.21 (183) – North Melbourne 5.6 (36) at Footy Park

    Not the biggest shellacking by any means – but North were not in the game from the first minute. Everything the Crows did turned to gold. Wayne Carey had just been announced that week as being signed as the highest paid player in the competition. When he was dragged (I think part way through the thrid quarter) a wag sitting near me in the top deck of the Footy Park members stand called out to him to make sure that his cheque had been banked! The North Melbourne hierarchy were sitting below us – and were copping a lot of stick from everyone around them!

    On another note – can you believe that the final of the Fosters Cup that year between Richmond and Essendon at Waverly drew a crowd of 75,533? Huge!

  20. Mastermind special subject Foster’s Cup?

  21. Skip of Skipton says

    Nik, I recall that match. Was it not Schimma’s last game as coach of North? Replaced by Pagan. North got their act together very quickly from then on. They were a great team to follow that year. I used to go to a few of their Friday night games with two North barracking housemates in ’93/’94 when I was living in the city. Carey announced himself in a big way that season. I Remember a game against Essendon where North trailled at 3/4 time, then Carey exploded with the best CHF display I’d witnessed. My mate got smacked over the scone with an umbrella by an old lady (essendon supporter) who wasn’t appreciative of his exuberance.

  22. Nik Stace says

    Skip …. Yes – Schimma was sacked early the following week – meant to mention that fact. That game was probably a turning point for North – they went from strength to strength after that. Its a game that sticks in my memory beacause the Crows could just do no wrong … was a great game to be at – well as long as you weren’t a North fan!

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