Crio’s Question: Terms & Conditions

FREE BET. FREE BET. Money back. Protest payout. Best odds. Winner. Winner. Winner.
The stream of betting promises will become a torrent over the next fortnight. Billboards, jingles, radio and TV. Directed at the trendy and the trilby. They’ll try greed, humour, logic. Some are pretty clever. And they all have the same goal – you.
Join now. Use the free app. Bet now! Don’t miss out.
But, of course, there is a catch. Terms and conditions always apply.
I’ve personally heard some of the biggest corporate bookies concede that they no longer want the big players, the pros – despite a propensity to publicize sundry alleged “huge wagers”/ “a massive go”/ “mammoth plunge” etc.
They want you. The “average” person. Those who buy a tatts ticket or join a footy tipping comp. Disposable people with disposable incomes. Whatever it takes….rebates, promises, incentives. They’ll get you and ultimately beat you. No one takes money out of their accounts – in fact, check the Ts+Cs – usually there is a fine print insistence on any promo winning being turned over a number of times.
Big punters and habitual winners have their bets dumped on course and/or are barred.
If you must “invest”, Betfair remains the best option as they don’t care at all if you win or lose as commission is their lifeblood. But they still want your account….”best of 5 anyone?”
Some of the promises and tactics are outstanding – any particularly appealing to you?
Just remember, Ts + Cs always apply.


  1. Betfair’s “best of 5” seems good to me though I can’t quite get my head around what percentage comes out of a winning bet. With their “best of 5″, you get the best of Betfair SP, official SP and the 3 totes – but no offers of free bets like most of the others. The ‘free bets” offers remind me of the old saying – “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”

  2. Andrew Fithall says

    I did notice that the current version of Eddie Everywhere, Tom Waterhouse, made a change this week. Last week a bet on Gai’s best, which provided money back even if it lost was maximum $200 for Pierro. This week the maximum money-back bet on Glencadam Gold was $25. On that trend-line, it will be maximum $2 this week.

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