Crio’s Question: Star Power

Black Caviar races at Flemington this Saturday. It is possible that she will have very few opponents and certainly no opposition. Yet the VRC are confident that a large crowd will roll up. It will get media mileage on mainstream news bulletins and reach a totally different demography from that involved most weekends.
She is, in that regard, a phenomenon.

The A-League reckons Alessandro Del Pierro has similarly dragged “non-believers” through the turnstiles around Australia this season.

What star or contest has lured you from your “normal” habits and preferences?


  1. Quarterback Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco 49ers

    Not only can he drop back into the pocket for a classic heave downfield, he can run like a wide receiver.

    Although SF didn’t win the Super Bowl last week, he was a big attraction for me. I watched the entire 4 hours on Ch. 10, barely moving from the goggle box!

  2. I used to go and watch St Kilda just to see Tony Lockett. Pretty sure I wasn’t the only one.
    Warnie is another one that you would make sure to be watching when he came on to bowl.

  3. Went to eagle farm just to watch schillachi then went home

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