Crio’s Question: Sporting legends

Blokes can be sporting legends even when you don’t know about their “back story” or individual achievements.
I thought of this last week upon hearing of the passing of Jack Rennie.
Jack Rennie. Boxing coach/mentor. Lionel Rose.
It was a simple progression.
Percy Cerutty. Sand hills. Herb Elliott.
Any others?


  1. Chester Bennett. Prince Alfred College cricket coach. Chappell boys.

  2. Another SA cricket legend – Nugget Reece. 13th Man in countless Tests and Shield games.

  3. Ray Carroll Assumption Kilmore coach,or Vinoo Mankad who despite a reasonable test career,will forever be remembered for the most distasteful of dismissals.

  4. Where does Ray ‘Slug” Jordan fit into this equarion. His long career as Victorian keeper seems peripheral to his less public/visible role in producing many top line footballers.


  5. until his late life reincarnation with Reckless, it had always been…

    Tommy Woodcock = young, devoted strapper. Phar Lap.

  6. Angelo Dundee = Clay / Ali

  7. Chris Weaver says

    Forbes Carlile. Ryde Amateur Swimming Club. Shane Gould, Gail Neall.

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