Crio’s Question: Soccer Who?

I’m trying to anticipate the nominees and likely structure of the post-Holger Socceroos.
Obviously this is all speculation – certainly Robert Walls will be on a panel (possibly mentored by David Parkin) to short-list candidates.
Brian Royal is one who is certain to “throw his hat in to the ring” and with Kenny Hinkley and Leon Cameron now employed, he’ll fancy his chances.
Neil Craig will somehow find/create a position, and Sheeds will no doubt sense a chance to overcome relevance deprivation.
Casting the net wider, maybe this is the opportunity for Mickey Arthur to build a bridge with Australia’s sports hierarchy – or perhaps there’s a role for the feisty John Tomic whilst he’s out of tennis?
Others might want to think laterally and punt on “legend” John Bertrand or, of course, appoint Ric Charlesworth for the only sport he’s not had a crack at!!
Flippant or fair dinkum, anyone got some suggestions for the lucrative, possibly poisoned, possy?


  1. Woosha can stonewall a post-thrashing press conference like no-one I have seen. Stone-faced insouciance. Could be handy in Rio.

  2. David Downer says

    Leigh Tudor deserves his chance

  3. Phil Dimitriadis says

    James Hird will be free and he is deluded enough.

  4. Surely Peter Sumich must be a chance.

  5. On a serious note – SOS to the Riordan family. We need our A League correspondent back urgently. Cricket is a dead parrot, and we need the genuine sporting contest of the A League being reported to get Almanac readership back up.

  6. cowshedend says

    Hayden Haitana-give him a 44 gallon drum of Henna hair dye,and access to Argentinians who didn’t make their national team,problem solved

  7. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Great Post Cowshedend
    Mick Malthouse and Sheeds to do the Press Conferences together after we get spanked
    Would certainly stuff up th rest of th worlds journos

  8. The problem isn’t the coach. The problem is that soccer in Australia doesn’t attract the elite players. AFL and NRL should be banned so that all the footballers then play soccer. Can you imagine the socceroos with Ablett, Franklin, Billy Slater, Motlop, Pendlebury, Riloi etc etc!!

    I reckon I could coach them to a world cup. The Brazilians wouldn’t know what’s hit them.

  9. Only one choice really! he has the game plan,he has the demenour and he handles all styles of press conference
    Ross Lyon

  10. Bring back Tommy Hafey

  11. No finessin!

  12. Neil Belford says

    Hey Dips – how come you haven’t got Balla’s in your side. If we played him against Spain half their side would end up with red cards.

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