Crio’s Question: Ring-ins

Back in “the day” the challenge was to nurture your juniors and reap the benefits. No longer.
The “Family” Club seems to have become a foster family franchise. The old “top up your list” concept has been overhauled by the Hawks’ brilliant recruitment.
Josh Gibson (NM), Shaun Burgoyne (PA), Kyle Cheney (M), Brian Harris Lake (WB), Brent Guerra (PA, StK), Norman Gunston (A), David Hale (NM), Matt Spangher (WC, Syd).
Add to this the Interstate imports, long a Glenferrie trait… (Franklin, Birchall, Suckling, Breust, Stratton, Puopolo, Rioli, Anderson) and it is clear that “he who hesitates is lost”.
Have any other Premiership aspirants had such a diverse collection of players?


  1. The South Melbourne teams of 1933 – 6.

  2. Luke Reynolds says

    Not an AFL premiership aspirant but have to mention the ‘England’ cricket team for it’s diverse collection of South Africans, Zimbabweans, Australians, Kiwis, West Indians, Indians, Pakistanis, Scots and Irishmen over the last 30-40 years. Greig, Lamb, Smith x2, Hick, Mullally, McCauge, Gallian, Caddick, Headley, Malcom, Small, DeFreitas, Panesar, Asfaal, Mahmood, Hamilton, Joyce, Morgan, Rankin. I’m sure I’ve missed plenty.

  3. Skip of Skipton says

    I remember Geelong had Stoneham, Bourke, Darcy, Mansfield, Neeld and definitely one or two others (who wont come to mind) on their list in the early ’90s who all came from St. Josephs. Locals playing for your team!

    Yes, Hawthorn have recruited well with players from other AFL teams, but the second list you nominate are all draft picks. We haven’t had zones for 20 odd years.

  4. North Melbourne’s premiership teams of 1975 and 1977. Blight, Burns and Cable from interstate. Croswell, Alves, Rantall, Wade, Davis, Cassin and Keenan all bought from other VFL clubs.

  5. From memory in the last 30 years (since 1983), those with a high percentage include (Not counting first time draftees or merger selections)

    ESS 1985: Bryan Wood (Rich), Leon Baker (WA), Terry Daniher (South Melb), Tony Elshaug (Melb), Bill Duckworth (WA), Paul Weston (SA) (6 out of 20)

    CARL 1987: Richard Dennis (WA), Stephen Kernahan (SA), Jon Dorotich (WA), Ken Hunter (WA), Mark Naley (SA), Craig Bradley (SA), David Rhys-Jones (South/Sydney), Justin Madden (Essendon) (8/20, could have been 10 if not for Peter Motley’s accident and Bernie Evans’ suspension)

    CARL 1995: Greg Williams (Geelong/Sydney), Kernahan, Matt Clape (WC Eagles), Earl Spalding (Melbourne), Brad Pearce (Bris Bears), Bradley, Glenn Manton (Essendon), Dean Rice (St.Kilda), Matthew Hogg (Dogs), Madden (10/21, the likes of Camporeale and McKay were drafted from interstate)

    Interesting case to me is Adelaide of 1997, where a couple were returning home as opposed to being recruited as someone outside from SA.
    ADEL 1997: Darren Jarman (Hawthorn, returning), Kym Koster (Dogs, returning), Matthew Robran (Hawthorn, returning), Brett James (Coll, returning), Shane Ellen (Dogs), Matthew Connell (WC Eagles), Troy Bond (Carl, returning), Clay Sampson (Melb), Peter Caven (Fitz/Syd/Tony Lockett’s elbow) (9/21, plus they traded infamously for Andrew McLeod who was tied to Freo, and I believe Kane Johnson and Chad Rintoul were both draftees from outside SA)

    SYD 1996: Paul Roos (Fitz), Tony Lockett (St.K), Craig O’Brien (St.K), Stuart Maxfield (Rich), Kevin Dyson (Melb), Derek Kickett (NM/Ess) [6/21]

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