Crio’s Question: “Protected species”

“Protected species”



  1. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Gavin Koala Wanganeen while a great player the way he staged for free kicks and consistently fooled umpires always annoyed me to say the least

  2. Dave Brown says

    Inexplicably this season it seems anyone who hits Chad Wingard in the head – Glass, Duffield and Hodge all got off relatively lightly. Still shaking my head when the AFL a few seasons back named a group of players to be protected and a group of players who stage. A bit like the ICC instructing umpires not to call Murali for chucking…

  3. hmmm…Murali!!!

    and allegedly Javed at home

  4. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    The evil and/or incompetent who find themselves supported by organisations that value reputation over all else. Where to start?

  5. Someone should take Wingard high when he runs around with his arms spread like wings after a goal – tosser.

  6. Anyone or anything you are not allowed to call a protected species.

  7. hearing you Swish

  8. Wanganeen, Murali werer both “Barry Crockers’ re being protected. It’s worse in the case of the latter as the fact he was allowed to throw the ball has resulted in a flood of so called bowlers who throw, with impunity. This blot on the game can be traced back to how Murali was protected.

    It’d be rare to hear ‘Plugger’ Lockett called protected, but despite his frequent indiscretions, and repors when playing for St kIlda, similar indiscretions were seemingly missed by the umpires when he played for the Swans. Was it only once he was reported during his time in Sydney ? i recall him decking Melbournes Steven Smith, for which he got a short holiday, beyond that i can’y recall any other suspensions whilst he was in the harbour city.


  9. Skip of Skipton says

    Sydney Swans have a long history of being a protected species.

    Dunkley gives James Hird a shiner in the ’96 prelim and gets to play in the GF. Who else was going to play on Carey?

    Barry Hall punches Maguire in the bread-basket in the ’05 prelim. Clearly caught on camera aswell, and gets to play in the GF. Can’t have the Swans without their no.1 forward.

    Compare those incidents to A.Rocca missing the ’03 GF for nothing much at all.

  10. Yes, good point Skip. For most players that blow of Halls would earn a 3 week holiday, but with Sydney on the cusp of a Grand Final, there was no way the AFL would rub out Hall, and they didn’t! The AFL has invested too many $$$ in Sydney, especiailly prior to their first flag, to allow anything to impede their push for success.


  11. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Correct re , Murali it was a case of cricket being scared of , Sri Lanka protesting and then the possible repercussions which allowed , Murali to keep chucking and then the rule changes a pathetic irreversible situation which has tainted cricket for ever

  12. W G Grace was the original. G Ablett Jr the most recent.
    J Selwood and Monfries have advanced and perfected the Wanganeen artform.

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