2010 is finished.
What can your team learn from it and what needs to be done?
2011 starts this week.


  1. Don’t bother turning up for a decade.

    Apparently the Pies are going to win the next ten flags.

  2. When Cooney was injured late in the season, the Dogs’ lack of pace was evident. Plus they lose Harbrow. It seems odd, given that Wallace appeared bent on unaccountable runners that we now need pace…with accountability.

  3. Radio talk yesterday that Dal Santo should be trade bait?

  4. A bex and good lay down for the Blues followed by a diet of metal and meat over the summer and some bigger bodies in the trade

  5. A lot of talk about Mr Thompson’s retirement timing and manner. It is no problems. It allows Geelong to re-group and move forward from a pretty enviable position of recent flags, good draft picks, reasonable young players and of course a serverely bloodied nose over the last month. (key issue as all of a sudden they are being scoffed at and written off)

    Ruckman, key forward, new game plan.

  6. John Mosig says

    Del would look good in any colours. Just like Luke Ball. He’d have to be worth at least one of The Sunshine’s early draft picks you’d think.

    The Tiges will be building on what they’ve got and looking for the next Royce Hart to play in front of Jumping Jack. And you can never have too many courageous, tallish midfielders who posses unlimited stamina & leg speed, lightning reflexes, read the game three kicks ahead and inspire Self Belief in their teammates. Oh, and can kick naturally with both feet, hand ball through the eye of a needle from 50m from either palm and catch the umpires’ eye.

    Looking forward to 2011 at Tigerland.

    Don’t worry about The Pies Phanto – they’ve reverted to type already

  7. Bomber-GONE. I’ve heard Mick Malthouse will be looking for a new job soon. Could be good for cats. Get rid of that pernicious flair & individuality. Have to tolerate game plans based on battle of Kursk or Cannae though.

  8. Cats need a – well, not complete, but pretty big – overhaul.

    New leadership – I want Sando as coach. And Lingy … we’ll see if he holds the captaincy. He’s gotta give up the tagger’s role and either move forward permanently or retire. Selwood waiting in the wings, now that Gaz is gone.

    Clean out of ruck division. Otto not able to get off the ground anymore, eating up the salary cap for only 5 – 6 games a season. Ridiculous. Blake and West want out (sad, as under a new coach Blake may actually get to play his natural game, which is a beauty).

    Mitch Brown to avoid injury for two games running – in his brief return to VFL this year, he absolutely dominated. Not exactly a tall forward of the ilk of Podsy – needs to bulk up considerably – but the skill is most certainly there.

    Preference given to Menzel, Duncan, Brown, A Varcoe and Motlop over aging players riding on their reputation or players who rank high on coach’s favourite list (one good thing about Bomber going – Tomahawk will have to learn to earn his spot).

    Cats probably won’t win the flag – I won’t be greedy – but we’re still more than capable of being right up there and producing some brilliant footy.

    Bring on 2011!!! (but not too soon, I’m all footy-ed out!)

  9. Peter Flynn says

    Agree Susie and Phant.

    I coming around to Chris Scott as coach if he wanted it.

  10. Who wouldn’t want it Peter?

  11. Peter Flynn says

    Agree Phant.

    There are some tough decisions to be made and I think they are best made by an outsider.

  12. Didn’t work at the Essingdones.

  13. John Butler says

    You’re not suggesting the refined people of Geelong would act like the Bombers are you Phantom?

  14. John Butler says

    I’m a bit surprised at how one week (and a couple of departures) has shaken the Cat cage.

    One moment you’re God’s gift to football righteousness, the next you need to swab the decks! :)

  15. Good to see you are up and about for next season JB. The question is: which one of your good young mobile ruckmen will be playing in the hoops next year?

    Pussy cat, pussy cat where have you been?

    I’ve been to Utopia, you know what I mean

    pussy cat, pussy cat what did you there?

    sat for a while and breathed in clean air

    pussy cat, pussy cat what will you do now?

    have a review, as only we know how

    Pussy cat, pussy cat what happens then?

    after the clean out we’ll be up there again

    pussy cat, pussy cat now how can that be?

    how can you stay at the top of the tree?

    to all you non pussy cats with anti-cat glee

    we know how to do it, we are believers you see.

  16. Stephen Cooke says

    Susie, tell me more about Blake’s natural game. You say it’s a beauty but I’ve never seen it.

  17. Freo need to back up big time on an encouraging year, although I fear the club may have jinxed us with the recent ‘re-branding’ of the club…

    Anyway, looking forward to Barlow’s comeback, Mundy consolidating on his Doig-winning year, and the continued rise of Hill, Fyfe and Morabito. Expect a big return next season from Rhys Palmer too. Potential is there for a damaging midfield to take advantage of one of the best ruckmen to play the game. Station Pav at FF-CHF for an entire season and we might just give this thing a shake.

  18. John Butler says

    Good to see you’re not flustered Phantom.

    I think young Mr Jacobs is sadly departing, but it seems the Crows will claim him- unless you have any inside mail?

  19. Glad you didn’t say claustrophobic JB.

    I’ve been hiding under the bed since round 5.

  20. Stephen Cooke – perhaps I should have added “comparatively speaking”, tee hee.
    I still maintain that, when allowed to kick, he is the best kick you can ask for. Away from goal, he always hits the target by foot. His kicking is as straight and direct as ever I have seen, and he never floats it. Straight and fast. Perfect. For a pretty example, take a look at the 2009 Premlim, where he sets Paul Chapman up for a goal (4th quarter, 6:46 remaining).

    Thing is, the second he kicks it, Bomber drops him 9 times out of 10, as that is not part of Blakey’s job description. Thompson has even admitted when he’s dropped Blakey seemingly unfairly that it was because he wasn’t playing his role, and rumor has it (the same rumour mill that tends to be right re: late inclusions and departures from clubs) that Blakey kicking = grounds for omission.

    What a waste of a reliable kick (yes, I realise the irony of this when talking about Blakey).

    And before I get attacked, this is just my opinion, should not be taken for fact (though I will argue about his kicking til I am blue in the face) :P

  21. North need to know how to take on the big names of the league (Collingwood, St Kilda, Bulldogs) and need to be more accountable.

    Hopefully a Veszpremi or McKinley in the forward line will help a bit. Matt Campbell doesn’t do it for me.

  22. With the ‘spiritual’ one now captain of the mayblooms it may just be the thing to end our premiership hangover !!!
    Some go forward and free up sam play a litt more individually instead of the ‘team’ thing as captain

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