Crio’s Question: Pigeon holes for certain roles

“Crackers” Keenan, rightly nicknamed, pawed at the ground, slobbering toward his ruck opponent.
Unsurprising really. Everyone knows the big fellas are crazy.
It is a truism – of sorts….
Mike Fitzpatrick, contemporary and “Rhodes Scholar”, debunked that stereotype.

Wicketkeepers are combative – Prior
Quicks are madmen – Merv
Middle order bats are laconic – M. Waugh

Without stooping to racist/sexist models, there remain plenty of “accepted” labels.
Some fit the category.
Others break the mould.


  1. Steve Baker says

    Surfers are stoners

  2. Lord Bogan says

    Pro Wrestlers are stupid

    George ‘The Animal’ Steele has a Masters in Education.

  3. Phil,
    Is that evidence presented to support or rebutt your truism?

  4. Lord Bogan says

    Support first, then rebut, Crio. But, I can see where you might get confused.

  5. mickey randall says

    Laconic 1980’s North Adelaide captain and attacking back man John Reilly was a nuclear physicist. Probably a nice counterpoint to the Jarman brothers.

  6. Lord Bogan, i’m very impressed by your example. Where does an aspiring Politician like Nathan Bracken fit in the equation?


  7. Andrew Fithall says

    I have never met him and have interacted only briefly on twitter when I was giving away some music gig tickets, but based on observations of his twitter presence and interactions, his political comments and his taste in music, Luke Ablett is not your typical (ex) footballer.

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