Crio’s Question: One Man’s Rubbish is……..

Litter is nowadays frowned upon. That’s fair enough. We should not have to tolerate people chucking rubbish on the ground, forcing us to wade through a tip.
But it was not always thus…and sometimes the memories are not all bad.
I worked the “Lawns” at Caulfield on Saturday and when I’d finished there was plentiful evidence of a crowd now departed….cups, newspapers, odd shoes!
I remember when, after the last race, the betting rings were strewn with losing tickets and cigarette butts – nowadays a contracted cleaner sweeps up any stray scraps relentlessly during barren Saturdays on Caulfield carpet.
They are such vivid images….the emus trawling the track detritus and the goalsquares full of streamers and backdropped with floggers.
I know it was wasteful, irresponsible, blah, blah, blah…
But has anyone else got sentimental remembrances of the mess we left?


  1. Scanning my desk I can only confess to being purposefully messy. I know where stuff is, but no one else possibly could.
    Ah the grand old days of ankle deep betting tickets in the Victoria Park betting ring. The fave gets beaten a length and then the protest siren rings after weigh in. The emu bobbers rubbing their hands in glee. How could they possibly decipher your old man’s hieroglyphics Crio?
    I used to love Kelvin Moore and Bob Murray clearing a path through the streamers before kicking out.

  2. You’ve pretty much covered it…stamped on my brain.
    We used to get phone books from the boxes and tear them up to throw…Glenelg Oval circa 1972+

  3. Peter Flynn says

    I’ve had to go through the rubbish bin seconds after the protest siren wailed.

    It is hilarious.

  4. Crio – I have memories of the reverse mess. Years back when we headed to Stawell we camped on the banks of Lake Lonsdale (sadly no longer permitted). This is God’s own country. We’d sit around the camp fire and watch the sun set across the lake and behind the Grampians. There were upwards of 25 (mostly) blokes. Can you imagine the mess? empty stubbies, cans, half empty butter containers left in the sun, empty wine bottles, discarded shirts, unidentifiable sloppy messes in the sand.

    Our challenge was to leave the place as we found it. On departure day we made it pristine. Every stubby top, every piece of paper, every bottle, can, tin, and unidentifiable object was picked up. We made the exercise fun. At the end we rewarded ourselves with a cold ale.

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