Crio’s Question: Notable Growths

Chances are that you’ve either chucked out the razor and/or got an inbox clogged with sponsorship requests.

As a Movember tribute, let’s highlight some notable growths and maybe put together some teams and lists.

No Arantxa Sanchez gags please!


  1. Australian captain at the turn of the 20th century, Joe Darling, had a thick, bushy mo.

    But of course, for dramatic effect, nothing beat the “Demon” Spofforth’s moustache. He twirled it between deliveries (so we are led to believe by batsmen of the era).

    Not to forget the good Doctor W.G. Grace’s full facial complement.

  2. Crio – I nominate Rollie Fingers

    17 year career, 314 “saves”, Winner of the American League Cy Young & MVP for the Brewers in the strike shortened 1981 season, member of Oaklands 3 in a row WS Champs (72-74), elected to the HoF in 1992 and the owner of the grandest “handlebar” moustache to have graced world sport in living memory


  3. John Butler says

    Two 70’s mo icons: DK Lillee & Newk.

    Was Newk’s mo one of the first sporting brands?

  4. Andrew McQualter early in his career is the first one that springs to my mind…

  5. 5: The pornstar look. Can’t imagine him with it these days.

  6. Sydney Malakellis says

    Mathew Stokes. Pre drugs bust.

  7. John Butler says

    Amazed that no one has mentioned Boonie or Merv yet.

    Liverpool has been a sure haven for the mo: Graeme Souness, Ian Rush.

    And don’t forget Mark Spitz (do mo’s cause added water resistance?).

  8. 5: I was referring to Adam’s comment, just to clarify..

    I’m sure Travis Johnstone had a moustache underneath all of the other growth.

  9. Damian Watson says

    Bernie Quinlan

  10. A bit obvious, but Leigh Matthews. He shaved it off this year, on the Bounce (Yes, I actually watched it)

  11. Damian Watson says

    I thought it was for the Good Friday Appeal.

  12. John Butler says

    Judging from news highlights tonight, we can add Kevin Pietersen to this list.

  13. Herr Schickelgruber had an interesting mo when he did the big dummy spit when the yanks won the mens relay in the 36 Olympic Games.

  14. David Downer says

    – Maxy Walker
    – W.G.Grace
    – Joffa Cunningham
    – Tom Selleck …he went to college on a basketball scholarship, and who could forget his perfomance in the Fred Schepisi directed “Mr.Baseball” in the early ’90s. Obviously not I.

  15. Damian Watson says

    Ronald Dale Barassi

  16. Come on guys…you can do better than this.
    -A full team from the backline
    -a full Test (or state) side
    -best from each AFL club

  17. Victoria’s side must have Richie robinson behind the stumps, Higgsy bowling full tosses, Maxy and Mad Dog Callen opening the attack and Jeff “Groucho” Moss looking for an MCG pudding.

  18. North Melbourne: Mick Nolan

  19. Lots of great old North calls josh, including the much loved “Galloping Gasometer”. What about Barry “Lurch” Goodingham?

  20. Carlton- Percy Jones, late period Jezza, WOW Jones, Rod Ashman (for the beard brigade), Val Perovic.

    To continue the North theme- Blighty, Ross Henshaw, David Dench

  21. Crio, an all time facial hair XI

    Graham Gooch
    David Boon
    WG Grace
    KS Ranjitsinjhi
    Clive Lloyd (c)
    Sir Ian Botham
    Kapil Dev
    Sir Richard Hadlee
    Jack Russell (wk)
    Dennis Lillee
    Bishen Bedi

    (12th) Salim Malik (he can lay the bets)

  22. Sydney Malakellis says

    Florence Griffith-Joyner?

  23. Mick Jeffrey says

    B: John Gastev, Bruce Doull, Austin McCrabb
    HB: Andrew Demetriou, Ross Henshaw, Wayne Harmes
    C: Rod Ashman, Simon Atkins, Carl Steinfort
    HF: Malcolm Blight, Roger Merrett, Mark Ricciuto
    F: Dale Weightman, Bernie Quinlan, Brian Taylor
    R: Simon Madden, Michael Tuck, Leigh Matthews
    INT: Ben Hudson, Garry McIntosh, Jim Jess, Jason Akermanis
    COACH: Tony Jewell

  24. Mick Jeffrey says

    And to take on Butler’s XI….

    Saeed Anwar
    Hashim Amla
    Mohammad Azharuddin
    Viv Richards
    Greg Chappell
    Shahid Afridi
    Jeff Dujon
    Malcolm Marshall
    Jason Gillespie
    Merv Hughes
    Harbhajan Singh

    12th: Manoj Prabhakar

  25. David Downer says

    Great work Mick.
    I think I’d have Dipper ahead of Carl Steinfort on the wing though …I was school-mates with Carl, I think he’d agree with me!
    And Rod “the Tilt” Carter would be a handy FB if Doull went down…

  26. Sydney Malakellis says

    And here’s an, ahem, “Interesting” Hair team:

    FB: Gary Ayres, Bruce Doull, Nathan Carroll
    HB: Danny Southern, Jim Jess, Wayne Wiedemann
    C: Jason Akermanis (c), John Platten, Greg Anderson
    HF: Tony Antrobus, Dermott Brereton, Stephen Kernahan
    FF: Stephen Milne, Warwick Capper, Allen Jakovich
    Ruck: Percy Jones, Cameron Ling, Kevin Bartlett

    INT: Ben Nason, Nick Naitanui, Brendan Fevola (dreadlocks era), Dale Thomas

    Coach: Tony Jewell

  27. Ivan Milat – apparently he was pretty good at orienteering. (He certainly knew his way around the Belanglo State Forest.)

  28. Here are some horrible soccer haircuts

  29. John Butler says

    Mick #24

    That would be one hell of a game. :)

  30. …and let’s not forget the “Macka” look-a-like in the 1800s cricket poster on the wall of The Flying Duck…

  31. David Latham says

    I’m going to field pure Bolshevik

    B Rykov, Bronstein (vc), Nogin
    HB Sverdlov, Joffe, Dzerzhinsky
    C Illych (c), Bukharin, Zinoviev
    HF Tomsky, Lunacharsky, Preobrazhensky
    F Krestinsky, Ryazanov, Shliapnakov
    Foll Kamanev, Kalinin, Molotov

    Int Podvoisky, Antonov-Ovseyenko, Smilga, Krasin

    Eme: Plekhanov, Martov, Gorky

  32. #30…I think that was keeper Billy Murdoch.

  33. #31 I notice that Dzhugashvili did not make the team despite his splendid moustache!

  34. David Latham says

    #33 he was expelled for tampering

  35. David Latham says

    International Marxists

    B Lukacs, Roy, Mehring
    HB Dazhao, Guevara, Blanqui
    C Marx (c), Kautsky, Engels
    HF Chi Min, Lumumba, Hilferding
    F Lafarge, Connolly, Habermas
    Foll Liebknecht, Bauer, Castro,

    Int Pannekoek, Radek, Lassalle, Zizek

    Eme Gramsci (would have been a shoe in if he’d grown a bloody mo), Althusser(see Gramsci), Adorno (see Althusser)

  36. watching the golf…so must mention “The Walrus”, Craig Stadler.

  37. Non sport related, but the title “Notable Growths” made me think of a conversation from Blackadder, when Blackadder was helping Baldrick fill out a form for becoming an MP

    Blackadder: “Any distinguishing features?”
    Baldrick: “I’ve got this large growth in the middle of my face…”
    Blackadder: “That’s your nose, Baldrick”

  38. A combined team of Dingoes and Falcons from the weekend. I reckon we had enough to form a pretty useful team…

  39. I can’t let this thread go without nominating the great Jeff Moss.
    Many mentioned here had “sometimes mos” – some even beards – but I love the ones you could not imagine sans caterpillar. Greg Chappell is not one of them. Boony is. Merv is. So too Roo Yardley, Stumpy Laird, Peter “Who?” Taylor. Hookesy seems somehow to fit both scenarios. Groucho Moss, though, is an “A”-lister.

  40. Tony Roberts says

    #31 Assuming that the Bolsheviks team requires facial hair, drop Zinoviev (rare clean-shaver) from the left wing position and replace with Stalin (Dzhugashvilli at #33). Depending upon his assessment of the situation, he can move to the centre or right to wreak maximum damage on opponents (or team-mates).

  41. dave latham says
  42. dave latham says

    Ahh, what happened. I can’t see an edit function.

  43. We seem to have moved to politics and beards!?!

    try this side..

    ‘There’s Archimedes, and I think he’s had an idea! “Eureka!” Archimedes, out to Socrates. Socrates back to Archimedes. Archimedes out to Heraclitus who beats Hegel. Heraclitus a little flick. Here he comes, on the far post. Socrates is there! Socrates heads it in! Socrates has scored! The Greeks are going mad!The Greeks are going mad! Socrates scores! But a beautiful cross from Archimedes. The Germans are disputing it! Hegel is arguing that the reality is merely an a priori adjunct of non-naturalistic ethics. Kant, via the categorical imperative, is holding that ontologic exists only in the imagination, and Marx is claiming that it was offside.’ International Philosophy Match, Germany v Greece, Olympic Stadium Munich MontyPython

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