Crio’s Question: Memories Requiring Few Words

Roosy, reflecting on his SCG career, nominated “Plugger’s point” and “Nick Davis’ goal” as especially memorable moments.

I loved that so few words were enough to trigger memories.

What other great games can be summarised so succinctly?


  1. John Butler says

    Jezza’s mark.

    Harmes’ dive/tap.

  2. Chris Grant’s goal.

    Libba’s “point”.

    The toe-poke.

    Jim Stynes’ 15 metre penalty.

  3. Beat me to the punch JB. How about “Ablett’s 9”. Its a pity that action of one of football’s least memorable players in Nick Davis should be etched on Roos’ mind but it did result in a GF

  4. Steve Kolyniuk’s match winning goal against Collingwood in 1990 and Bruce’s magical commentary: “Will he take him on? He does…” Not exactly a one-phrase summary of the game, I know. But close.

  5. John Butler says

    Ted Potter’s handpass.

    Always thought that one was harsh, even if he was a Magpie.

  6. John Butler says

    Gubby Allan’s kick (across goal for Beasley to intercept)

  7. #4 – around Graham Wright, Gigs, the Brownlow bridesmaid?

  8. “Cometh the moment, cometh the man!” Ablett jnr kicking the critical goal in the 2007 Prelim.

    “Yaaaaabbleeettttttt !!!” Rex Hunt describing Gary Ablett’s (senior) possessions.

    Can’t leave out –
    “A champion becomes a legend!” Makybe Diva winning the Cup in 2009.

  9. Craig Down says

    For racing, “Kingston Town can’t win”

    For footy, “Cameron … move it …. panic stations!!” (Ian Robertson (I think), deep into final quarter, 1989 tragedy)

  10. Craig Down says

    Sorry, one more.

    For D Cometti (a genius), on a T Liberatore dive to the bottom of a pack: “He went in optimistically and came out misty optically”

  11. #7 – Yes Crio, along with Scott West?

  12. Wrong sport but these two events can be summed up in one word.

    ALOISI!!! and


  13. Who can pick this game. Butch Gale’s great call:

    “Hit the boundary!!!”

  14. Andrew Fithall says

    and Bonecrusher races into equine immortality

  15. John Butler says

    Maradona’s Hand Of God

  16. John Butler says

    Of course, in regard to #5, a kinder soul would say Barry Breen’s point.

  17. Peter Flynn says

    The Star Banner from August 1930:

    “HE’S OUT”

  18. John Butler says

    Bartlett’s 7? (1980) (or is this just me stirring the Magpies?)

  19. John Butler says

    Twiggy Dunne’s kick (sorry, I can’t help myself, but there’s so much material).

  20. John Butler says

    Flynny, you’ve opened a cricketing vein.

    Joe Solomon’s throw.

    Deano’s double ton.

  21. Careful JB they might counter with Kernahan’s out-on-the-full debacle.

  22. Local radio commentator 1967 Tasmanian State final after the final siren had blown and 10,000 spectators ran onto the ground to stop the North Hobart player Dickie Collins having a shot from 20 yards (yes yards) out after he dad marked after the final siren but John Devine convinced the umpire otherwise.

    “I can’t see the goal posts”

  23. “Billy Brownless you are king of Geelong!!”

  24. John Butler says

    It’s alright Dips, I’ve got 5 GF’s up my sleeve. :)

  25. John Butler says

    Mannassa’s run.

  26. John Butler says

    Thommo & Border’s partnership

  27. John Butler says

    McDermmot’s dismissal.

    Kasprowisz’s dismissal

  28. For the future: Buddy’s two goals against the Bombers, coming around the boundary from the wing

  29. Peter Flynn says

    The Tied Test

    Tate’s Match

  30. #13. Dips, I thought it was Teddy Whitten that said that. He was in there with Butch and Mike Williamson. Anyway, when scores were level, Williamson famously said “I tipped this!”. Well you were wrong, Mike.

    And very close to the end, one of them also says “I just put the lighted end of a cigarette in my mouth”.

  31. Dips, #23, is that the same game as “the monkey’s off the back, Billy!”…?

  32. Peter Flynn says

    EJ said hit the boundary.

    Mike W made the comment about the cigarette.

  33. OK, Flynnie. So what did Richie say after “that ball”?

  34. Can’t help myself, its a moment close my my heart.
    “Hope in his heart, dreams in his head…JACK ANTHONY..”

    “Jack’s sealer”

  35. Peter Flynn says

    “He’s done it”

  36. Dew’s magic minutes. (2008 GF)

  37. “That will do …. THAT WILL DO”

    97 GF

  38. “Leo Barry you Hero!”

  39. Andrew Fithall says

    John Bourke. Collingwood. Army Reserve Cup. 1985

  40. Andrew Fithall says

    If you need the vision of #39:

  41. “Leanne Cock”

  42. Flynny – #32 – I reckon it was Butch Gale. If we can’t settle it here I’ll see you outside!

    I can’t be certain which game it was but I reckon the 1966 GF as the Saints hung on by a point.

    Gigs #31 – I think you’re right!

  43. Peter Flynn says
  44. “That’s what I’m talkin’ about”

  45. “We’ll be back here next week.”

  46. Blight’s torpedo (1976)

    “He’s missed everything!” – Blight again, a year later in the pouring rain at Arden St, with a slightly less satisfactory post-final siren kick for victory.

  47. “If it bleeds, we can kill it.”

  48. The Windy Hill brawl.

    The Ablett v Salmon shoot-out.

    Knights v Van Der Haar.

    The line-in-the-sand game.

  49. Gabelich’s run.

    Bartlett turns Magro inside out.

    Plugger’s 1300th.

  50. Umpire Carberry

  51. David Downer says


    Whispers in the Sky

    The Bloodbath GF

    Cricket – “It’s a tie!”

    Swimming – “Thorpe and Hall, Thorpe is coming..”

    Racing – “And the Cup is going back to England” …er,Ireland.

  52. Pamela Sherpa says

    ‘You Beauty’- Jezza’s mark for me

  53. “The bowler’s Holding, the batsman’s Willey”

  54. I once knew an Englishman who had the BBC tape of, and regularly “teared up” at, “our ‘Enry” (Henry Cooper), with the legendary “Clay’s down”. Boxing fans will know the folklore that has ensued.

  55. Crio,

    Re 33- from memory, Richie said something like “Gatting has no idea what just happened”. After several seconds when Gatting finally started to trudge towards the pavilion with a bemused look on his face, Richie adds “..still doesn’t”

    Other comments on the same delivery:
    Graham Gooch, on the reaction of Gatting: “He looked as though someone had just nicked his lunch.”, as Gatting was much-mocked for his rotundness. This was further alluded to by journalist Martin Johnson, who said “How anyone can spin a ball the width of Gatting boggles the mind”, and again by Gooch who added “If it had been a cheese roll, it would never have got past him.”

  56. Sorry to digress, back on topic:

    Silvagni’s mark at the G

    The pig on the SCG (Sandy Roberts gave a full description of the type of pig)

    Leigh Matthew’s breaking the post at Windy Hill

    McGuane’s run at the G

    Peter Caven

  57. Budge, re #54, do you remember that Pom obsessive in Amsterdam and his Henry Cooper tape?


    “Varcoe to Chapman – and CHAPMAN HAS KICKED A GOAL!”

  59. Damian Watson says

    “The Jackie Chan in mid-air” is one of my favourites from Jason Bennett describing a Daniel Wells goal.

  60. 58: Wasn’t it “Leo Barry you star?”

    59: “Wells just grabs it and goals!”

  61. Josh, it is whatever triggers the moment’s memory in your mind.

  62. Crio – I do recall the pandemonium when “our Henry” put down Cassius Clay. That mad pom must have replayed it 10 times. Then we went off to the Heineken Brewery!

  63. That will do as an edit. I was there longer if I (vaguely) recall!

  64. Richo hands in the back!

    Bowden rushes another behind!

  65. Josh, one of the radio commentaries said: “Harry Taylor you star!” following Harry Taylor’s saving mark in the dying moments of the 2009 grand final. The line was a throwback as it was reminiscint of Leo Barry’s mark in 2005.

  66. Massie’s match.

  67. The lack of commentary, just laughing, after Peter Walsh’s quite audible flatulence in the commentary box at a WA vs Tassie Shield game in Launceston twenty or so years ago.

  68. “It’s a tie” The tied test in Brisbane which was attended by approximately 352,789 people based on “eye witness” accounts. A similar number that went to school with Jezza In Canberra.

  69. “Long bobs to the Snake”
    Say Snake Baker and automatically the mind sees him taking a speccy against the Hawks.

  70. “Kiwi’s gonna beat them all…”

  71. Peter Flynn says

    Long dobs to Snake?

  72. Peter Flynn says
  73. John Butler says

    Huddo’s helicopter

  74. John Butler says

    Bloodbath Grand Final (1945)

  75. Bowled Lillee, caught Marsh

  76. #71 Flynny,
    Barassi’s game plan…”Long bombs to Snake”.

  77. “…and that might be how he wins the Melbourne Cup” – Bill Collins as Dulcify careered away to bolt in the Cox Plate. Tragically things didn’t go to plan from there.

  78. John Dyson’s catch

  79. cow shed end says

    “Gotta get the boy off”
    “Healy off Ellingshaw on ..weak as piss”
    “I’ll Spew up!”
    “Don’t think do!”
    “Geez your’e crap Footscray” -me Western oval 1967-1997

  80. David Downer says

    “Wax on, wax off”

    …well, it was kinda a sport movie??

  81. Wally Lewis’s tackle against NZ — if you saw it you’d remember it forever. Jimmy Montgomery’s double save in the 73 FA Cup final. Hogg getting Boycott out first ball at the MCG.

  82. I certainly remember Gregan’s tackle.

  83. Ricco’s goal.

  84. Jezza’s hit on Magro.

  85. Yeates.

  86. Damian Watson says

    60- Josh the Jackie Chan line was used just after the goal was awarded.

  87. That, Damien, was an unbelievable goal…as, can I add, was Junior’s on the weekend.

    Grinter on Wallace?

  88. #81, I love the Boycott-Hogg one, Ian. I still remember Drew Morphett saying “Hogg just ambled in and bowled a loosener”.

  89. And, Gigs, you half expected Boycs to do a WG and put the bails back on and resume strike!

  90. Damian Watson says

    Leigh Colbert’s ‘non-mark’?

  91. “Ouch”; another Adelaide finals charity!

    More recently, what about Wonaeamirri’s father with a shaven-headed Jimmy Stynes arm-in-arm at the ‘G…fantastic image.

  92. Bruce calling Cathy Freeman’s 400m gold medal win at the Sydney Olympics: “This is a fantastic victory! A magnificent performance! What a legend!” And for once he wasn’t employing hyperbole to describe a momentous event.

  93. Teddy’s last lap.

  94. Dave Nadel says

    Phil Carman at St Kilda 1976

    Jimmy O’Dea (triggers memory of greatest act of Bastardy in AFL history)

    Darren Millane holding the ball in 1990.

    Leigh Carlson out marking Michael Turner in the dying minutes of the preliminary Final

    Hooker Harrison (1958 Grand Final)

  95. Robbert Klomp

  96. Sam Marcolin says

    Milburn- Silvagni

  97. Rick watching that Cathy Freeman race still makes me tear up. Even just thinking about it. I remember the great Matt Price writing prior to the event that he was concerned for Bruce’s health should Cathy win, but he was relatively restrained.

    Justin Longmuirs goal after the siren….Great commentary by the Channel Nine team, Eddie included. Still gives me goosebumps.

  98. Dave Latham says

    Kernahan’s rendition of ‘stand by your man’.

    By their heroes you shall know them.

  99. Peter Flynn says


    Yes I knew that. I was stirring Crio who left off the m. He meant to write bombs but wrote bobs. I went with dobs to alert him.

    In the ’78 GF, the final margin was 3 goals (18.13 to 15.13). Kicking it long to Moncrieff in the 1st quarter proved a greater masterstroke. He kicked 3 early ones on a very nervous Glendenning.

    Dave, that was 1975 Round 20 I reckon.

    Now back to the topic thread.

    The Thriller in Manila
    The Rumble in the Jungle
    The Fog Match
    Benaud comes around the wicket (Manchester 1961)

  100. Greg Chappell’s first ton.

  101. Peter Flynn says


    James Dibble?

  102. Peter Flynn says

    Greig to Hookes

  103. Peter Flynn says

    Willis to Walters

  104. David Downer says


  105. Dave Latham says

    Evander Holyfield ear chocs

  106. Sam Marcolin says

    Chappy’s ’07 mark

  107. 104 – That requires no words! :)

  108. “Newk” leaping the net.

  109. Peter Flynn says

    Angry Anderson and the Batmobile

    Peter Hore

    Sir John Kerr’s drunken incoherence

    Doug Booth kicking the dog

    Runaway elephant at Arden Street

    Brian Walsh (St Kilda) kicking a recorded goal for Carlton in 1958. His name was listed in Carlton’s goalkickers.

    Scoreboard on fire

    Lights out at Waverley


    Free George Davis


  110. Jason McCartney: “That’s it for me mate. I’m done!”

  111. Ronald Dale Barassi:
    17 4 10 ,
    “Get Healy off!!”
    “Practice makes perfect is bull####. Perfect practice makes perfect.”

    #76 I knew that you knew about “Long bombs”, Flynny!
    By the way, I reckon Glendinning went off not long after with a torn hammy.

  112. Bosustow!

  113. Pat Cash climbing into the Wimbledon grandstand to hug his father in ’87.

  114. “Eric the Eel”

  115. George Best’s comment when a commentator referred to Maradonna as the best ever footballer. “You obviously didn’t see me play.”

  116. The swoosh on Tiger’s golf ball at Augusta

  117. John Butler says

    In tribute to #114, Eddie The Eagle

  118. The Hand of God

    Darrell Hair calling Murali

    South African World Cup meltdown

    Saintly – the horse from heaven

    Better Loosen Up’s Japan Cup win

  119. Hayden Haitana

  120. Umpire Carey’s mark.

  121. Peter Flynn says

    Hon Kwok Star and Cogitate

  122. R.S. Dye and Veandercross.

  123. Peter Flynn says

    Appropriate initials Crio.

    Let’s Elope and Better Loosen Up

    Rain Lover and Big Philou

    Sea Biscuit and War Admiral

    Light Fingers and Ziema


    Les Lewis

    Mel Schumacher

    Royal School/Regal Vista

    Secretariat in the Belmont Stakes

  124. Peter Flynn says

    Rocket Racer

  125. Dave Latham says

    #114 Do you mean Ernie Eels?

  126. Dave Nadel says

    #109 Peter, you might find Doug and the dog even more memorable if you knew Professor Douglas Booth, distinguished Sports Sociology Academic, multiple author of post-modernist (or was it post-structuralist?) works, surfer and sensitive new age guy. Doug has come along way from Waverley in the late seventies.

  127. Dave #125

    Eric the eel, swam with such zeal.

    Sydney Olympics

  128. “cant see a Leigh Matthews out there” – bloke next me at 97 Prelim.

  129. Abbott Agrees

  130. “Well, this is the sweetest victory of all” – Paul Keating, 1993. And Rodney Eade, September 25th, 2010…?

  131. Gigs, I’m really pleased you are dreaming like that. I just wish the season would go away unfortunately…but that’s my way a bit. I much prefer the home-and-away “on next week” structure and really hate the finals edge. We’ve been terrible and it is hard to see a good dogs beating an ordinary Saints…and I don’t even rate them much! Bloody Farren Ray, for F**** sake! Where can we generate the pace and erase the turnovers to have a show? I’ll be there but am not excited at all. The subsequent upside is no GF ticket. How bad would that be?

  132. Geoff Crapper says

    Re No.13 I think you’ll find that was Ted Whitten who said “hit the boundary line” in the 1966 Grand Final not Butch Gale.

  133. Thanks, Geoff, it seems you are right. Gigs and Flynnie at #30 ans #32 corrected Dips…but the words and moment are unforgettable. The old commentary grabs are great and seemingly unscripted. Many of today’s callers have rehearsed their “ad libs”.

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