Crio’s Question: Long sleeves

I am just home from the sterile Doglands. Fox Footy is showing the MCG match. It is wet. It is cold. Though they no longer keep the sole footy as it turns into a soggy wheatbag, it is nevertheless soapy.
But I can’t see a long sleeved jumper.
Are they redundant? A sign of weakness? Likely to smudge the tatts?
Is the long sleeve guernsey consigned to history?
And, if so, what players and designs would you curate for the MCG Museum’s display?


  1. Anything worn by Bartel. Sigh

  2. How about John Ironmoger’s long pants – gridiron style? Bold but beautiful.

  3. Michael Reeves…
    but that is off-topic.

  4. Peter Flynn says


  5. Hayden Smith says

    James Hird, I wore my long sleeve number 5 today at the G.

  6. Simon Minton-connel
    Andrew Jarman

  7. What about the Bradley Plain signature 3/4 length sleeves? In fact I think Daisy Thomas might have adopted them as well.

  8. Rick Kane says

    Jackson Cormac Kane, Preston Bullants Under 11s. Yes, even in Under 11s most kids opt for the sleeveless jumper. Not Jackson.

  9. Benjamin Lichtenstein says

    Brett ‘Fruity’ Allison. And a fifth of Carlton’s 1999 preliminary final side (SOS, Sexton, Christou, Lappin) – I’m pretty sure it’s what got them over the line that day.

    Long live the long sleeves.

  10. Buddy Franklin and Dane Swan.

  11. Peter Fuller says

    Michael Tuck

  12. Rocket Nguyen says

    O’Dwyer from Koroit who played for the Roy Boys circa 1984 – nearly won a Brownlow! Can someone help with his first name?

  13. I often wear them, even when it’s extremely warm conditions. Mind you I need to order a smaller set given when I ordered the sleeves (worn under the normal jumper) I was at least 3 sizes bigger than what I am now.

  14. Peter Fuller says

    Good get, although a couple of amendments/elaborations of detail. Mark Dwyer, tallied 10 Brownlow votes, although he only played 11 games, in 1986. Since Dipper and Diesel Williams shared the award with a record low 17 votes, he was in the mix.
    My (unreliable) recollection is that he may have got those votes in his first four matches.In any event, it was a stellar debut.
    Oddly enough he only played two more matches for Fitzroy the following season, and then a single game for St. Kilda in 1988. So he was a classic shooting star. His 10 Brownlow votes in 13 matches which puts him in special company. The AFL Season Guide lists players’ vote ratios – restricted to those who aggregated 100 or more votes. Only Haydn Bunton exceeded Dwyer’s figures.

  15. cowshedend says

    Peter Hudson

  16. Rocket Nguyen says

    Thanks Peter for that clarification. He really had quite an impact – mainly because of his long sleeves and being so good in the wet.

    Didn’t realize he went to St Kilda…
    there was a Mick Dwyer at the Sainters about the same time.

    Bunton winning a Brownlow in his first season was phenomenal. Now the Sporting Globe has gone so has the Bunton Medal. # Brownlows and 3 Sandovers is quite a feat plus runner-up for a Margarey Medal – lost by a vote? Is that right?

  17. Robert Lamb, played 50 or so games with Richmond in mid 70s.

  18. Rocket Nguyen says

    Think Robert Lamb also played some games for South…?

    Wasn’t he a Shield cricketer too?

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