Crio’s Question: how do you like your sports?

It was always a given that “there’s nothing like being there” and, whilst that’s true, it doesn’t necessarily make it better.

The push for all “live” AFL matches brings the choice even more in to focus. Whilst I love going to the MCG for a day match – bar blockbusters – there are viable alternatives. Footy is not particularly suited to TV – big ground, no off-side – and at times I prefer the radio. Going to a FOX venue with some mates is another popular option.

Racing people have already seemingly made their call…with internet betting and a fantastic TVN service, it is home or the pubtab for punters these days.

Tennis I can go to live (very occasionally) but can’t stay interested on TV.

Soccer works differently but well either way, as does cricket.

It is a changing landscape.

Which sports do you still want live, or are some better suited to the box?


  1. Dave Nadel says

    I agree with you on Footy Crio (better live) and on cricket and soccer (good either way) I like playing golf but I don’t think it works as a TV spectator sport. Yachting would probably be a lot of fun to do but the test pattern makes more interesting viewing.

    However the most obvious TV sport is F1 car racing. I cannot understand why anyone would want to see Formula One live. Apart from the appalling noise, at the speed the cars travel you can get no sense of the unfolding of the race (as you do in horse racing or athletics). On TV, where I control the volume and the TV producers can give me an overall view of the race, I find F1 quite exciting.

  2. Derek and Clive were keen on ‘topless darts at Roehampton’

  3. Pamela Sherpa says

    There are pros and cons to live footy these days. I went to the Carlton- Essendon game recently.The downside was the ridiculously loud noise coming out of the speakers at breaks – just when it would be nice to have a converastion with the person next to you. I found myself thinking – “That’s one thing I don’t have to put up with when watcing on TV at home.”
    The other annoying thing at the live game was the drinkers who obscured the action by constantly getting up and down in their seats to go and get beer.It was a close game and they didn’t give two hoots about anyone behind them wanting to see the action. Another thing avoided by watching at home. Rant over .

  4. Lots of issues there Pam.
    The intrusive noise is awful. “Here come the teams!”…DURRRR
    Countering that is not having TV ads after goals and then a Bruce inanity?

    re the “drinkers”…etiquette is out the window at all sports events. I’d taught my son about waiting for breaks – and then the AFL introduced the “instant kick-in”!
    When I was a kid, if I’d tried to move during an over, someone would’ve “cautioned” – “sit down son!”
    Don’t try that now.

  5. I attended my first AFL game on Monday, the ANZAC day match. Despite living within walking distance of the Gabba we chose to have a long weekend in Melbourne and see our first game at the MCG. A fantastic day out and very exciting with the big crowd. The MCG is a superb facility and seems to be very well managed.

    It’s certainly a better game to watch live than on the tele. As a first time attendee I was amazed at how you can see the play develop which I have never picked up from watching it on TV.

    Similar to many sporting events you also have the opportunity to listen to some great wits in the crowd which is better than listening to most TV sports commentators.

    I agree with Pam, the number of people who are constantly going to get beer is extraordinary. A couple of people near us were constantly up and down and missed a lot of the game. It didn’t concern me, I just wonder why they bother going to the game rather than the pub.

    Great weekend, great city.

  6. John Butler says

    Crio, I think you miss a lot about a footy game on TV. But mates at a bar isn’t a bad option. :)

    Dave, you’re right about Formula 1. Better on TV. But personally, I find it a ridiculous activity either live or not.

    Baseball has its TV attractions.

    And I think cricket works well on the box, if you turn certain Channel Nine ‘personalities’ down.

    Although IPL seems from a different universe.

  7. John Butler says

    Snooker & billiards would have to be ultimate TV sports.

    And Darts?

  8. david butler says

    Pamela, I attended the 2006 AFL Grand Final and was shocked to find that people sitting nearby got up and down all game to retrieve beers. Give your tickets to the thousands who wanted to be there but couldn’t get a ticket !

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