Crio’s Question: Help us build a team of players who should play for another club

By Chris Riordan

When Richmond’s Jarrod Silvester grabbed the ball in the match against North Melbourne on Sunday, I said to Tom, “He should be a Cat!”
Perhaps Silvester and Tweety-Bird was a bit obscure, but it led to a conversation on players whose names or nicknames would best have had them playing elsewhere.
We’ll need some help with this one and maybe construct a team based on feedback.
My early noms (scrawled on the back of a form guide at half-time at the MCG) are as follows:
Paul Roos (Fitzroy)  North
Garry Lyon (Melb)  Brisbane
Dane Swan (Coll)  Sydney
Luke Power (Bris)  Port
Paul Hawke (Swans)  Hawthorn
Neville Crowe (Rich)  Adelaide
Tony Woods (H)  Collingwood
Alistair Lord (G)   StKilda
Michael Christian (Coll)   StKilda
Kevin “Bulldog” Murray (Fitzroy)  Dogs
Ian “Tiger” Ridley (Melb)  Richmond
Ian “Bluey” Shelton (Ess)  Carlton
Nathan “The Eagle” Eagleton (WB)  West Coast
John “Kanga” Kennedy (Haw)  North … admittedly he coached there
Robbie “Mad Dog” Muir (StK)   Dogs
Simon “The Pie-Man” Beasley (Dogs)  Collingwood
Brent “Tiger” Crosswell (Carl)  Richmond
Jack “Captain Blood” Dyer (Rich)  South Melbourne
Of course, others got it right, although Mark “Bomba” Thompson was apparently a product of the cartoon character rather than the Essendon Airport.


  1. pauldaffey says

    Chris and Tom,

    Sorry to be a pedant, but Tony Woods started at Fitzroy and then seemed to achieve the perfect fit when he went to Collingwood. He finally made his mark at Hawthorn,

    What about Wayne “Duck” Carey? Should he have played at the Woods Ducks?

    Back to the drawing board …

  2. Here’s the team so far from the list above…


  3. How about Daniel Kerr (WC) – Dogs (cur)
    Rodney Pope (West Adelaide) – St K (does Damien Monkhurst qualify for Saints?)
    Glenn Hawker (Ess) – Haw
    The Selwoods play for every team but the woods!
    Sean Higgins (WB) – University (The Professors)
    Jason Torney (Rich/Adel) – Power

  4. Nik Stace says

    I’m sure there was a player at Hawthorn a while ago named “Crow” – Scott perhaps?

  5. Nik,

    Scott Crow played a few games for Collingwood and Hawthorn in the 1980s. Originally from King Island.

  6. Budge is clubhouse leader with “Torney” Port!

  7. Damian Watson says

    I think the Scott Crow you’re talking about played in the 90’s
    From memory he wasn’t a bad midfielder in the years Collingwood struggled in 1998 and ’99.

  8. Can’t believe I overlooked the great “Hawk”, Dougie Hawkins.

  9. Mark Ricciuto (Adel) was called “Roo” I think?

  10. Indeed. Another good get.
    A challenge for you whilst on North. Anyone with a reference to the Shinboners?
    Same quest could be for Gorillas, Mayflowers, Pivotonians, Tricolours etc (you started this by using University!)

  11. Damian Watson says

    Other names spring to mind: Glenn Hawker former Essendon premiership player and tough nut, also had a stint with Carlton.

    Simon Hawking- I think he was a former Fitzroy captain

    The late Greame Richmond could act as president

  12. Damian Watson says

    Sorry didn’t realise Hawker was already mentioned

  13. Thanks Damian.
    GR falls in to the Bomba Thompson category of having been at the right Club!
    If we are moving off-field, Ross Lyon is a chance, although his playing form was with Fitzroy.

  14. Monky (Damian Monkhurst) for the Gorillas
    Robbie Flower for the Mayblooms (though he was already at the Fuschias)

  15. Steve Healy says

    Ryan Crowley for Adelaide

    Tom Hawkins for Hawthorn

    Matthew and Robert Warnock for Essendon (Because War is asscociated with Bombers)

    All I can think of.

  16. Josh Barnstable says

    John Richmond played one game for the Tigers. I think it was in the 50’s, not sure though.

  17. George St John played for Richmond around the time of Federation.
    I cheated as I was unable to think of a St John…a common enough surname I’d have thought.

  18. Can’t believe I missed this entire conversation. Michael Blood played a few seasons for Hawthorn in the late 60s. Clearly should’ve played for South.

  19. Same era, another Michael. Redenbach. Should’ve played for Essendon. Redenbach. Red’n’black. Sorry.

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