Crio’s Question: Has life gotten in the way of a big sporting event?

Timing, so they say, is everything.

World Cup 2014 is rightly the major sports news at the moment. Kids lap it up. My son and his mates love the soccer – early morning alarms are common for Euro play-off or EPL clashes. “Sleepovers” are generally planned to fit with a FOX household. It is a great interest that they share with most of the world….but this is his “Yr12 year”! I must admit to wishing the big footyfest could have held off for 12 months!

We’ve all experienced the dilemma of bad timing – how many wedding days were compromised when the Pies and Saints drew their GF?

When have you been unable to stay up for a big event because of another commitment in the morning – or have you just taken the plunge and risked the repercussions?

Family functions are fertile fodder for inconveniencing those who try to “do the right thing” as well as indulge sporting obsessions. Sometimes, though, you just can’t keep all of the balls in the air.

You must make a call.

When have you got it right – or terribly wrong?



  1. Dave Brown says

    I’m about to enter my hell month, Crio. I have decided to not worry too much about the seeing the World Cup live this time (getting up the other morning to see Fred’s dive as my first World Cup moment sealed the deal), happy that it is on when I get up. The Tour de France is my torture – 21 nights of staying up until 1.30 with a young family and a full-time job takes its toll. I just can’t turn the TV off when there’s 50km to go and a decent sized mountain on the horizon.

  2. Mick Jeffrey says

    Whilst club presentation nights over the years have clashed with 3 Bulldog Semi Finals and work (and the Melbourne Marathon) often clashed with Bathurst, my sisters wedding caused me to miss the 2012 GF. Still not that impressed even though she paid for my haircut for the day.

  3. Watching ‘Getaway’ one night just a few years into my marriage, a deal came up for a resort that had sentimental memores for us. Two nights for the price of 1, but limited availability. Lovely wife jumped on the phone and secured two nights easily, in September, when the place was apparently very quiet.

    Yes, GF weekend. Got to watch the last half of St Kilda going down to the Crows in the Alexandra pub, very nice all round.

    Also, spent most of the Weagles over the Cats GF, setting up my bl88dy sister-in-law to-be’s 21st, lazy thankless b8tch

  4. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Made to go a school camp and missed the 1978 Sanfl GF in which , Norwood in there centenary year caused 1 of the greatest upsets in footy history ,Sturt had only 1 loss for the year until this magnificent day still pissed off I missed it !

  5. I only ever missed one flight/business meeting because of sport. I had a routine of going to bed early on the Sunday night of final round of the British Open in the 80’s, setting the alarm for the wee small hours with the TV perched at the foot of the bed. Woke up to watch and then drifted off somewhere around the 16th and awaking to the Today Show with the plane already gone. I don’t remember my excuse but it was fanciful. After that I always reset the alarm for the morning as soon as I woke up the first time.
    Horse racing was another matter. Show Day Thursday at Victoria Park and Oaks Day at Clare were regular ‘sickies’. National productivity is greatly enhanced these days.

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