Crio’s Question : Hanging Yourself by the Tongue?

Many of us deeply dislike Malthouse. It is easy. We can list reasons another time.

He, like so many others I detest, pretends to be too many things – philosopher, tough nut, funny good bloke, family man, indignant arsehole…

I’d love to see media simply boycott his pressers – if he is going to treat them as fools, don’t go. Club and sponsors would be aghast.

But hopefully karma kicks in and at least some of his bristling pronouncements can come back to bite.

Malthouse shafted sincere clubman Brett Ratten with the promise that he would make the difference and that “we may very well have the makings of a premiership side.”

Looking good Mickey!!!

Reminds me of Botham’s 5-0 bluster and so many of Anthony Mundine’s mutterings.

What big statements have come back to haunt sports identities?


  1. Peter Flynn says

    A.W. Greig 1976

    I intend to make them grovel.

  2. “I’m leaving Geelong because I want to play in a Premiership at North” L Colbert.

    “Kingston Town can’t win it…” the late GREAT Bill Collins, 1982 Cox Plate.

  3. Greg Chappell after a series of ducks,”I’m not batting badly, I just keep getting out”.

  4. matt watson says

    ‘I am going to enjoy this.’
    Mike Tyson before his first fight with Evander Holyfield.

  5. Steve, pretty sure that was Buckley’s excuse for leaving Brisbane too

  6. “we’ll smash them like guitars”
    Gary Hall Jnr. before 4 x100 metres freestyle relay Vs Aus. Sydney 2000

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