Crio’s Question: grand-genes

Nick Compton opened the batting for England in the First Test at Bangalore. He is the grandson of the great Denis Compton, the original Brylcreem boy, a champion cricketer and Arsenal footballer, kindred soul of Keith Miller and trailblazing professional sportsman. Big shoes to fill.
Talent, perhaps, can simply skip a generation. I hope so – it’s my son’s best chance for success!
There is plenty of supporting evidence. We grew up learning the legend of Vic Richardson and watching the exploits of his grandsons, the Chappell brothers.The Nick Compton story is one of, I’m sure, many great examples of “Grand-genes” reappearing.


  1. It certainly can with horses. Most champion fillies/mares have failed to produce progeny anywhere near their standard whereas their daughters have a much superior record of then coming up with Group class horses.

  2. Budge,
    Racing is full of generational links, but a grandfatherly one that springs to mind is Hugh Bowman’s ?

  3. And the Mallyons

  4. And Johnny Weismuller’s brother drowned

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