Crio’s Question: Favourite game of 2013

Apparently some pundits are canning the Grand Final.
I went to the Carlton/Richmond semi and was similarly critical of a poor game.
My season started with Melbourne v Port at the MCG and struggled for oxygen from then on…though Port were easily the pick of the TV teams right until their ejection.
The best game I saw was when the Western Bulldogs challenged the Swannies at Doglands – they were always going to pull away but it was a real contest. Carlton and Collingwood’s exciting first match-up was also a good ‘un.
Is criticism of the GF justified?
And, what’s your favourite game of 2013?


  1. mickey randall says

    Crows v North. Love any game where you’re dead about three times, and then snatch the lead in the final fifteen seconds.

  2. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Beat me by 2 minutes Mickey Agreed re Your Choice Dangerfield was incredible in that final few minutes but North were ridiculous grabbing defeat from the jaws of victory on so many occasions this season

  3. The Preliminary Final in which the Hawks beat the Cats was the second best game of the year. The Grand Final was the best. Go Hawks!

  4. The Kangaroos game with the Naitanui mark and goal on the siren was the only time the Eagles season didn’t feel like the Sandakan Death March (no real comparison I know, but I just wanted to emphasise how hopeless we from game 1-23). I know no club bags its team or coaching, but the lack of even vague hints of self awareness was appalling and arrogant. Abbott and Rudd treated the public with more respect.
    The game I enjoyed most was the Port-Collingwood elimination final. So unexpected, and Port held their nerve to play with creative abandon. Ken Hinkley gave me that childish joy in footy again.

  5. Dreadful game, the GF. Not if your team was in it (or won it), but it was awful. I have real concerns for our once beautiful, athletic, artistic game. Now it is little more than rugby with a few more kicks. The social engineers in at AFL House have tinkered with the game and completely stuffed it. Now they’re not even sure what footy is. In trying to speed it up they slow it down.

    The game needs an insightful coach who will have the balls to destroy the roaming defence, who will split the press open, who let let the players enjoy themselves again.

    Prelim Final the best game of the year.

  6. OH no, Ricky Kane.
    Rd. 1 when we Mighty Cats made it 10-zip over Squawks was a ripper. Seven point margin that Easter Monday.
    Folo’d closely by Rd. 15. Won by Catters, 10 pts. this time. Both clubs 12-2 going in2 Rd. 16.
    Best comment I’ve seen on the grannie came from John Silvester in his priceless Naked City column. In the Sat. Rage.
    “Boxing is a ghetto sport, basketball is for giants, cricket for spoilt millionaires and racing for money launderers.
    “Footy is for us. The players can be small or tall, from private schools or outback stations but they are our gladiators and the MCG is our Colosseum.”
    Thought the bald sconed crime writers’ touchstone was a tad generous to racing, tho’ Harmsy and Crio would clearly disagree.
    Could have added the thoroughbred game peopled by all sorts of shonks, stomach pumpers (that’s horse stomachs, not human ones) and amateur chemists but that’s a yarn for another day !

  7. Hawthorn-Geelong prelim was a cracker. But, being at the GF and seeing Hawthorn win with the right mix of skill, strategy and brutality – matching the Dockers at their own game and then lifting it a notch – was impressive. Nothing else matters.

  8. Tasman Hughes says

    Round 9 Swans vs Collingwood is remembered for all the wrong reasons (racism) but I really enjoyed it. It probably wasn’t all that great for Pies fans but I think there is nothing better in life than flogging Collingwood (except maybe flogging Hawthorn). Goodes played a blinder and it was just like 2012 again, where we weren’t injury stricken and we played like a team.

    Grand Final was a shocker, easily the most boring game of the season. Only time I’ve ever drifted off in a game of footy. There were the occasional flashes of excellence, but not nearly enough.

  9. Tasman Hughes says

    Though Carlton’s win over Richmond was good, because most of my mates are Richmond supporters and they thought they had it at one point. The looks on their faces after the game were priceless.

  10. One of the Showdown’s was a ripper. From memory the Crows looked to have it sewn up and the Power steamed back to win.
    Power were the best (and most surprising) team to watch for the year for mine.
    North finding new ways to lose always kept their games interesting.
    The GF was OK. We’ve been spoilt in recent times.

  11. Yairs, Sasha, the prelim. was a cracker.
    Except the bloody Squawks broke the Curse.
    Having Chappy and Enright out hurt, but you’ve got to go with the 22 on the day.
    Naturally, we couldn’t stand hearing “We’re a happy team at ……… blah blah” so scooted down the Ponsford Stand stairs just 30 secs. after the final siren.

    Had to find a reasonably footy-free bar to try and get over it.
    Didn’t work. Week-and-a-half later still distraught.
    How could bloody Varcoe miss from — being generous — 30m out??

  12. Only one team came to play a Grand Final. Best game of the season for me was going to Etihad for last game of the season between Dockers and Saints (With the 3 Sainters retiring). I found it a lovely, touching, funny day at the football. It was like going back 20 years; all that was missing was sitting on a grassy hill on a check blanket.

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