Crio’s Question: Commitment!

Factoring jockey and trainer is part of the algorithms for pro punters.
The rest of us, though, tend to allow bias to skewer our judgment as various characters, for a multitude of reasons, take our fancy or earn our wrath.
The 2012 Melbourne Cup might be a good example. Lloyd Williams is a big player in the game and, as our site has evidenced, he divides loyalties! Cup winning hoop, Brett Prebble, was a personal favorite back when indentured to another (then) of my preferred trainers, John Meagher.
Swings and roundabouts!
Punters so often hitch a carriage to a stable or rider and “stick fat”.
I remember declaring allegiance to Pat Eddery (not Steve Cauthen) when in England in the mid-80s. Wasn’t a bad whim.
But my set against Mick Dittman was reactive and less productive. Despairing after his masterful ride to reel in “Mighty” Mal Johnson and The King in the 1982 Cup, I shunned “The Enforcer”. Remarkably, the boycott was lifted for Filante’s heartbreaking Cox Plate loss(es), further fuelling my enmity!
All of us “get personal”!
I liked R.Heffernan at Caulfield.
P.Mertens at Sale.
D.Yendall along the Murray.
J.Moreira in Singapore.
Les Beer at courses I’d love to visit.
M. de Montford for reasons I no longer recall.
At the ‘Bool, the local trainers are slavishly (and usually productively) supported.
Facebook tags them “likes”!
All punters, for a variety of reasons, have their trainers and jockeys to whom they turn when in need.


  1. No brainer for me – these two are my gems
    Yendall – anywhere he rides in the bush and has made a name for himself in the city when he gets rides
    Duric- didnt get all the chances he deserved once but his stint o/s and now shows me he can given the opportunities mix it with the best

  2. Paddy Payne was definitely one of mine and I still give them a second look now when he has one in as trainer. R. Quinton (only in Sydney) back in 70s/early 80s. Neville Wilson when he came to town. The Gauch when he first started was practically untouchable.
    On the other side of the coin, N Waymouth (excluding when on Rancher) and all female jockeys were to be avoided. I have since slightly softened my stance on female jocks (K O’Hara, C Lindop).
    For years, when looking for a get out after the last or to play up winnings (yeah right!), I have turned to W. Pike in Perth. No need to research form, just jump on. He rarely lets me down.

  3. Daryl Sharpen says

    Years ago “Nifty” Neville Wilson when he came to town. Likewise the McClune boys in Sydney, esp. Bruce. The Professor: Roy “the Boy” Higgins just before he retired when he got really heavy (almost as heavy as he is now) was just about unbeatable. He would only have about 2 rides a week and I recall he was on Valley of Georgia one day at Moonee O’valley carrying the grandstand. He was side-saddle on her at the turn looking for dangers, she cruised in; god bless her heart and soul. Agree with Budge on Norman. Slim Whittle does a good act on Rancher/Norman while patting his chest to the sound of hoofbeats. It went something like – how could he (Rancher) keep winning, with Norman Weymouth on his back. Then there was Sammy Mezzasalma with the electric saddle; all 100-1 shots. What about D “Grinner” Weir in a minor/country or Tassie Cup?

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