Crio’s Question: Birthdays

Australian Secondary students expect the Socceroos to be at the World Cup – it is all they can remember.
Folks my age, born as the Saints moved to Moorabbin and won a flag, have since known only suffering for St Kilda.
D.O.B. deals randomly.
What have been fortuitous (and less so) moments in (sporting) History to have been born?


  1. You could say 1983 for Tigers supporters, but I think it would have been worse to have been born in say ’77 or ’78 – success in the early years enough to get you on board but too young to have any real memories of that success.

  2. I was born in 1966. I started going to the footy in 1974. The family were one-eyed North supporters. I simply expected them to win every week. We made the grand final that year and lost. I also attended my first finals games that year. We made the grand final, as I expected every year until 1978. It was a great time to start going to the footy as a North supporter. However, I didn’t see another until 1996, which felt like a lifetime. It is interesting , my father had been going since he was a child and had to wait over 50 years to see North win a flag. I waited about 18 months, from 74 to 75. Tiiming, such is life.

  3. Tim Ladhams says

    I was born in Sussex in ’68, coincidentally the first year of the open era. I would have to be well over half as old again as I am now to have seen a British winner of the men’s singles at Wimbledon. There have been six Australian winners in my lifetime, the first three years in was in this world the final was an all-Australian affair. I have a lot more confidence in Andy than I did in Timmy to break the drought, but I fear this may not be the year as the draw seems to have handed the title to Novak before they even start…..

  4. Peter Fuller says

    Personally, not much; an early significant memory was the coincidence of flickering television images of the Melbourne Olympics, and an era of Australia’s being highly competitive in a range of sports. Dominant in tennis and swimming, in the mix in athletics, and on top for much of the period in cricket (a blip from 1953-56).

    In football, I guess that I’d be thinking of the hypothetical Hawthorn supporter born in the mid-50s or alternatively mid-60s. My female cousin (b. 1945) was accused during the golden years of the 1980s, of jumping on the Hawks’ bandwagon. She replied my family were Hawthorn barrackers when the players did a lap of honour if the kept the losing margin under six goals.

  5. Kath Presdee says

    My son was signed up to Geelong by his father in 2007 at age 6 weeks (yes, I know Cats followers will say what took him so long!) so he’s been a member for six years for three Premierships. He should also be well placed to enjoy GWS when they start fulfilling the potential in a few years time. When you’re six you’re not necessarily going to remember the massive thrashings that Mum and Dad will.

    In another code, my Dad was lucky to have been born in the St George area to be growing up in their era of 11 straight premierships… while those of us Cronulla supporters…

    Sometimes it’s not just DOB, but when you move someplace that things start to happen. I moved to Canberra the year they won a Premiership in the NRL and was a supporter when the Brumbies began and was well placed to enjoy their success during my time there.

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