Crio’s Question – AFL Club Memberships – Why?

Footy clubs are on their annual Membership push. They claim that it will make a difference.
As usual, I’m sceptical.

When I see the extravagant wages of players and coaches ($1m for not doing the role!), the plethora of positions (General Manager, Commercial Development and Innovation!) sucking up the dollars and then the AFL’s wastage (flying kids around the world to bribe them from soccer/cricket/aths…) I’m not sure why I should operate in anything other than self-interest.

If my dollars get me a better deal, so be it.

If not, don’t.

In Melbourne we’ve lost home grounds and the associated after-match functions – a sense of belonging if you like.

If the AFL and its Clubs want a wider audience, let them fundraise, as they do, via media rights.


Do you re-consider your footy club’s membership each year, or do you feel that joining is an essential way of supporting your club and renew automatically?


  1. Neil Anderson says

    Always wonder each year how my measly country-membership fee is going to be used.
    But never wonder about being part of my Club when I pay those fees.
    If ever the Club I’ve followed for over sixty years folded for what ever reason, I want to have a clear conscience by contributing every year.
    This is one of two places I pay fees for that don’t provide material rewards as a result. The other place is The Victorian Drama League which sends out a monthly magazine only and has an office in Melbourne staffed by volunteers.
    I have just thought of another great institution where I have pledged funds without expecting material rewards. The Footy Almanac. Actually that’s not quite right. I’m expecting a mug to be sent in May this year.
    Good question Crio.

  2. I could be a “silver” member at Glenelg which is all 10 home games for $135 about what it costs to pay on entry. This membership gives me voting rights, a magazine and a badge-and the promise of 10% off on stuff.
    I try to get to most Bay home games but as the season rolls on and we get hopelessly beaten and everyone starts thinking about who next year’s coach will be, my energy is sapped. There’s really not much in it for me so I tend to just pay at the door, stand with the lads, have a few over priced beers a laugh.
    I reckon paying membership ( unless it’s the only way to get into a game like where anything at Adelaide Oval is going) is a bit like having a bet on the Brownlow at the start of the season- you don’t get anything too flash with the odds ( you probably know that you’ve done your dough after a few weeks of competition) and you are really just giving the club/bookie an interest free loan for 6 months.
    I reckon there needs to be more in it for the average punter to take up membership, however I do see it a bit differently for country areas as it’s much more of a community thing and less of a business.
    Then again maybe I just can’t get over the Bays sacking a coach who took them to a few consecutive finals series and then sacked him, only to be wooden spooners for the next few years not to mention a few spectacularly unsuccessful coaching appointments.

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