Crio’s Question: 50 Shades of Grey?

The VRC ran their novelty Greys Race on Thursday – a restriction of which I do not approve and was thus amused by the winner, Black Cash, being Grey only on his registration papers and the tip of his tail.
I’m not one who has been enamoured by the Grey horse. Le Zageletta springs to mind but probably more for its catchy name and brave feats.
Gunsynd, of course, ticked all of the boxes.
In other sports the grey have not always flourished – indeed the term “greybeard” may infer wisdom but certainly not athleticism.
I remember David Steele (“the bank clerk who went to war”) when he blunted Australia’s attack and frustrated its fans in 1975, much to the delight of the newly antagonistic (Greigy’s) Poms.
I’m not sure there’ll be many nominees….golf must have some to fit the category?


  1. Cardinal Richlieu was know as “L’Eminence Grise”: the Grey Eminence.

    Like all clergy engaged in the struggle against evil he killed many innocent citizens.

    Golf is the oldest game invented by the Scots when the Viking King Harald Hardrardar came storming over the North Sea and invaded Scotland just near the famous golf course whose name I have forgotten. He was met by a band of locals amongst whom was a huge red bearded Scot who struck his head off with a single blow of his claymore. The head rolled down the dune and disappeared down a badger hole.

    This was how Golf was invented, with the first hole in one.



  2. schillaci. surely the best ever grey (oz) sprinter.

    and i think john reilly who excelled for north adelaide fc in the 70/80’s was grey haired (prematurely). and a rocket scientist….??

  3. I remember the utter frustration at David Steele. We had Lillee and the moustaches. They had this bloody accountant who played a ridiculous front foot paddle rather than the full blooded Chappelli hook. Unorthodox. Apparently characterless. In retrospect, a gem. For those unfamiliar, look him up.

  4. Marc Robinsom says

    Spot on crio geez he was a fighter full respect for anyone who gets the utmost out of themselves learn there own game and what works for them to get the best possible result Warner , Watson and Haddin could learn from the grey warrior , David Steele

  5. mickey randall says

    Mick- yes John Reilly was a half back flanker with grey hair and a PhD! I reckon he played a few state of origin games too.

    Schillaci for me too.

  6. daryl Sharpen says

    Would Shaun Smith (Melb) be grey on ‘his papers’; he had a few grey tips in his mane? If so, his 1995 mark was pretty good and he probably ‘got the most out of himself’, whatever that means. Also I’m led to believe, according to my father (Aberdeen), that the red-headed Scot who slayed young Hardrardar all those years ago was a Sharpenson from the Maxwell clan. In later years he too went grey.

  7. How about Midge Didham’s best mate Baghdad Note, and the bloke who would have got the quaddy on Saturday (2222) Richie Benaud.
    Also i happened to witness that John Reilly’s 1 and only game for Footscray at the Western Oval (i too was led to believe he was a nuclear physicist) against Richmond.
    Reckon he was one of the slowest conveyances i have seen out on the ground.(would have loved to have been a fly on the wall to listen to he and Douggie Hawkins discuss atom splitting over a few dozen pots in the social club post game though!)

  8. It’s gotta be Fabrizio Ravanelli, the silver fox, who made it fashionable.

    Jose Mourinho has carried on the tradition (can we include managers?); surely Craig Foster has modelled himself on Maurinho (can we include commentators?).

    AFL wise, didn’t the Spider end his career with grey hair?

    Can we include fiction? Holden Caulfield, only a kid as well.

  9. It was a hotly contested affair in the Nursery Car Park on Oaks Day, but I think I ran away with the choccies.


    1. MOC
    2. P. Flynn
    3. JTH (dubbed Beethoven by the 2nd place-getter)

  10. MOC, those choccies would be Milky Bars?

  11. Phil Dimitriadis says

    Mike Brearley and Bob Holland come to mind.

  12. Yeah, Phil – and wasn’t Bob Taylor a bit dusty on top?

    Loved the Ravanelli call.

  13. Phil Dimitriadis says

    Yes, forgot Bob Taylor. Silver Fox was a beauty Damo. Andrew Gaze was another.

  14. One grey haired stager who i would be suprised to see listed as a favoutite was the former English Captain , Mike Brearley. Struggled withe bat, but was a damn good captain. Did not seem to bring out the best in our spectators, which is a pity because he presents as a very insightful person; i have a lot of time for psychoanalysts.

    A grey racehorse i have fond memories of was the Richard Freyer trained Longyard which won a few races in town circa 2003-04.


  15. Ken Rosewall was still playing when grey. Made the 4th round of Wimbledon in 1975 at the age of about 41 or 42 I believe.

  16. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Adelaide Uni Football Club Past Players – “The Greys”

    or Ugly Dave (does Gray count ?)

  17. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Good Point Swish since , Ad Uni FC are called , The Blacks so as we become old as past players we are , The Greys and with , 600 financial members that cures , Crios worries over numbers of , Greys !

  18. Spalding Gray.

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