Crio’s Q: yo me frio o lo sophlo?

The Clash  voiced a quandary faced by all sports fans at various times…”Should I stay or should I go now?”

Channel Ten commentators on Saturday night noted that, despite the breathtaking Geelong clinic taking place, about half of the crowd had left – big trek to Essendon! – before the final siren.

I hope that they weren’t the same Bomber loyalists who “beat the traffic” on Anzac (Zaharakis) Day last year!

This morning, seemingly half of Melbourne got up at 430 to watch Australia’s World Cup Group match. 2-0 down by halftime, I reckon anyone was entitled to crawl back in to bed at ¼ to 6 when Cahill was red-carded. This suggestion was scoffed at by my son, Tom, couch bound in the dark, who just stated that if you are going to watch some, you watch all.

But I am an arrive late and leave when it suits habitué. Some find this appalling – others dangerous.

Has leaving early caused you anguish or is it a non-negotiable?

“…so you gotta let me know…”


  1. Crio,
    Couple of years back I left the Dome with three minutes to go Dogs v Tiges as we were 3 down. I told the kids it was to make got the early train. Bought them some donuts and then enjoyed watching the tying goal with a huge crowd standing on the bridge looking at the screen.
    So from now on “Si me voy – va a ver peligro”

  2. Peter Flynn says

    Superb song and band.

    There are Carlton supporters out there who left the 1970 GF at half-time.

  3. Richard Jones says

    ME, daughters and their boyfriends left the G one Sat. afternoon when the Cats were trailing. It was about 2/3 of the way through the last stanza.

    Considering the opposition club was the Dees it was quite some time back. The same scenario would not be repeated until about 2024, you wouldn’t think!!!
    Melbourne being in front of the Hoops, I mean. Not us leaving.

  4. Danielle says

    My Daddy likes to leave early and ‘beat the traffic’
    However, i like to stay until the siren because i’d rather not get the dirty looks from oppoistion supporters as i walk past.

  5. I love telling the people streaming out of the stadium “don’t leave, it’s not over yet!”

  6. Steve Healy says

    I never leave early or arrive late no matter what the result, i simply don’t like to miss one second of the action

  7. 5: Said it to some Carlton supporters on Friday night, felt goooood.

  8. Dave Nadel says

    I have only ever left a major match early once. That was the 1980 Grand Final between Richmond and Collingwood. I left early in the last quarter. The others I had come with were already drowning their sorrows in the MCG Hotel. I finally conceeded that The Pies were being beaten by what was then a record margin and that there would be no last minute reversal of form. And further more, since at least half the team had stopped trying I was under no moral obligation to stay there watching them.

    It still didn’t feel right though. Leaving early!

  9. I’m usually a stay to the end man. When the Cats were crappy and my kids wanted to go I would say “No we’re staying to the final siren. Suck it up because it will make the premiership in future even better.” And it did!

    I’d probably go for child abuse these days.

  10. Some of us are old enough to remember when only the last session of play (cricket) was telecast. After a long, slow hot day, there would always be a procession out of the gates at tea…and an influx soon afterwards when the gates were thrown open.

  11. Crio,

    I must admit to a certain snobbery towards those who leave early. Traffic, schmaffic.

    It’s a bit train-spotty, but I always reckon you can tell a player’s attitude by his performance in the last 15 minutes of a match in which his team is being soundly beaten. The player who pushes to the end is the one I want on my team.

  12. As you know, Daff, I go to a lot of neutral games. I’ll come and go to suit whatever I wish! Looks like I’ll not make your team!

  13. John Butler says

    Flynny, if you were a Blues supporter who left in 1970, It’s not something you’d ever likely announce publicly.

    Part of the subterranean, unspoken world of footy perhaps? Anyone you know?

  14. John Butler says


    I’m usually of a mind to stick it out. Although, as I get older, and the Blues were often times crapper, this conviction was sorely tested.

  15. I prefer to be out of the ground and on my way by the time certain club theme songs come on. Consequently, I was on my way out the gates on Zaharakis Day when a huge roar lured me back inside for the grand finale!
    I also bailed out with 10 mins to go Saturday night against the Cats. Whilst I do admit to a certain level of enjoyment at watching their sublime skills, I’d seen all I needed to by then.

  16. Peter Flynn says


    No but it would a ripper yarn if you could get hold of one.

    I reckon the story would entail an attempt to get back into the ground during the last quarter.

  17. Stay to the bitter end. It’s a mark of respect for the opposing team. No matter how much I dislike them, without them, there is no game…

  18. Martin Reeves says

    Mike Sheahan missed one of the most exciting moments in Docklands history to ‘beat the traffic’ or perhaps it was to make a point for his article. Either way, he missed a memorable moment –

  19. Mike missed a really thrilling finish. I was at that was a hot evening and Melbourne looked doomed until the death.
    Still, I’ve missed far more “great moments” going to the bar or, for another discussion, taking my child to the toilet, than I have from an early exit.
    The same policy of doing an early runner applies to my social habits I’m afraid – I’m a phantom.

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