Crio’s Q: word association


by Chris Riordan

You know the game. Word association. Answer with the first thought.
For Joe Frazier, much, it seems, to his chagrin, it was Ali.
Some pairs just become inextricably linked.
Borg = McEnroe
Lou = Jack

play on…


  1. Premiership drought = Footscray

  2. Premiership drought = St Kilda

  3. no mate
    EJ = Scray
    Saints disco = StKilda

  4. Roo and Dawse = Flash Dance

  5. Underarm = Chappell

  6. John Greening = Jimmy O’Dea

  7. Dips = Diminutive

  8. Flood = Swans

  9. Phanto – I heard that!

    Muralitharan = Camilla Parker Bowls

  10. John Butler says:

    Dennis Lillee = Jeff Thomsom

    WG Grace = beard

  11. John Butler says:

    Leigh Matthews = point post

  12. John Butler says:

    Cats = handbags (period specific)

  13. That was the ‘naughty Phantom’ Dips. Sometimes I have no control over him.

    Camilla Parker Bowles = Rottweiler

    Tony Abbott = Action Man

  14. John Butler = Endangered Species

  15. John Butler says:

    That was ‘naughty’ JB. Ditto.

  16. John Butler says:

    Greg Norman = Larry Mize & Bob Tway

  17. Cullinan = Warne
    Polly Farmer = Billy Goggin
    Todd Woodbridge = Mark Woodforde
    Jack Nicklaus = Arnold Palmer
    And a couple of racing one’s where the trainer and horse were synonymous
    Reckless = Tommy Woodcock
    Vo Rogue = Vic Rail

  18. Go = Pies

  19. Ian Hauser says:

    From a rugby league perspective:

    Wally Lewis = The King

    Billy Moore = “Queenslander!”

    and that Roy and HG classic, Allan “Alfie” Langer= Deborah Kerr (as in “The King and I”)

  20. Bart and The Professor

  21. Ali = Frazier

  22. Lawry = Simpson

  23. John Kingsmill says:

    AAMI Stadium = Waverley Park
    Paul Kelly = Bob Dylan
    Shane Warne = Rolf Harris/Bert Newton/Olivia Newton-John
    The Dropkick = The Flick Pass
    Sunday night = Monday morning
    Anchovies = a cup of arsenic
    mango = icecream
    winter = braised rabbit
    jeans = a T-shirt
    a warm smile = a corrupt lawyer
    the telephone ringing at 4.02pm = a telemarketing scam
    a homemade pizza = a healthy friday night footy meal

  24. Tony Abbott = No

  25. Triple Brownlow Medallist = Bob Skilton.

    Or is that really his full name ?

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